How To Design Your Blog And Make It Look Pretty (2018 Update)

By Marko Saric

Add a new theme

“How do I design my blog?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from new bloggers. This guide will help you answer that question.

The design of your blog is fundamental. The better looking a blog is, the more memorable it will be for the visitors. More of them will stick to it, subscribe, return and share it with their friends on social media. Let’s have a look at steps you need to take to create a great looking blog design.


Part 1

My blog platform of choice

Part 2

How to identify a great theme

Part 3

Responsive blog design

Part 4

Top WordPress themes

Part 5

Best Page Builders

Part 6

Fonts and font sizes

Part 7

Color palettes

Part 8

Making a great first impression

Part 9

To sidebar or not to

Part 10

The need for speed

WordPress is the platform of choice

The first step in creating an amazingly designed blog that visitors love is to pick the right blogging platform that allows you a wide range of design possibilities. WordPress is my platform of choice. I love it and run all my blogs on it.

It’s an open-source platform that powers more than 75 million blogs and more than 25% of the total web. Using WordPress will save you weeks of time and a lot of money as you won’t need to build (or pay someone to build) a design from scratch.

The community behind WordPress has created more than 2,500 of design themes that are beautiful and feature-rich. You’ll have plenty of choice for selecting the design template that works for you.

WordPress needs a domain name and a web server space to work.

I recommend Bluehost.

They offer a free domain name, 24/7 live support and WordPress recommends them.

More than 2 million WordPress blogs are hosted there.

And you can get hosted at $2.95 per month.

The whole process will take you some five minutes and you’ll have your shiny new blog live and running!

How to find a great quality design theme

I suggest you access your WordPress admin and get yourself familiarized with the “Appearance” section on the left-hand side navigation. Majority of your design options will be in there. You can search for, review and install themes there. You can create your navigation menu, change your blog’s header logo and edit the widgets in your sidebar.

Explore and test the free themes as they are a great starting point for a new blogger. WordPress “Customise” section allows you to preview how your blog and your content looks like when using a particular theme. It’s easy to switch between and test different designs until you find the perfect one. It doesn’t affect your content at all. All of it remains untouched no matter what theme you’re using.

Click “Themes” within the “Appearance” menu and then “Add New” on top of that page to discover the different design opportunities.

Try for example and browse through “Featured” or through “Popular” or “Latest”:

Discover beautiful themes

Or use the “Feature Filter” to find more specific themes with exact features that you are looking for. You can sort by color, layout, features and Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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