How To Create Social Media Video Like You’re In Hollywood

By Sahail Ashraf

How To Create Social Media Video Like You're In Hollywood

We won’t waste time here talking about how important video is on social media. You know this, and you know it has been a major part of social for years now. But there is one aspect of video creation that any social media agency or brand could really learn from. And that’s Hollywood.

Okay, your next video creation will not be of blockbuster standard, but we’re talking about something else, something other than production values. We are thinking about creating videos that have excellent structure. Videos that have a classic structure that all but guarantees people will enjoy them. And share them.

Try the following ancient ways to tell stories, and think about how you can utilise this knowledge in your next video. Chances are, implementing these theories will make your video content even more engaging.

Dale and his formula

This is going right back to basics. Dale Carnegie was a rather wealthy man, and a big part of the USA’s capitalist heritage. But in amongst all of that wealth he also had some great ideas on how businesses could tell stories.

His biggest and most famous publication was ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. And when you think about it, social media brands are trying to win ‘friends’ all the time so Dale’s ideas could not be more appropriate.

What did he suggest? Well, to have any success in influencing (again, quite a strong theme as social becomes even more important) clients, you must:

●Share a relevant personal experience.
●Describe the action or product that solves the problem outlined in step one.
●Describe the benefits of what happened in step two.

Problem, solution, benefits. Nothing new, you may say. But some brands and agencies creating video could enjoy the process more if they thought about these ideas, we think.

The Why

Video has a lot of benefits. You can read a short text ad by Apple and feel pretty okay. But when Apple decides to pull out the big guns, it means there is emotion, and lots of it.

Apple has a particular knack of explaining itself clearly. Why it exists, and why it does what it does. And of course, the feeling that comes from it. Again, this is all classic marketing, but Apple has done it very well for a number of years.

The basic formula:

●Tell the viewer why the company exists.
●Tell them how it continues to fulfill the ‘why’.
●Show them what that feels like.

The best (and most poignant) ad for this is here. Plenty of Apple sentiment and the three step process above is clear. And yes, it’s extra poignant for the voiceover supplied by Robin Williams, who died the same year it aired.

A heart has strings, right?

This is where the real emotional stuff comes in. Many people are aware of the traditional story where a hero goes through major challenges before finding his or her way out and learning a valuable life lesson. Brands can take this concept and dial it all the way up to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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