How to Create Immersive Video Experiences

By Lamia Chlala

This blog post is the second in a series of 5 expanding on Brightcove’s INBOUND presentation to help every video initiative deliver better value.

I recently took a trip to the South of France. Even now, months later, I find myself reflecting fondly back on the vacation, and remembering details of my days, things I ate, and places I saw. Could I describe to you what I did last week in my day to day as easily – what I ate, where I went? Honestly, probably not. So why does the vacation stick in my mind? One word: Experience. Experience drives it all.

That very same strategy applies to video. Video that’s powerful and effective, captivating, and memorable is not the video that stays within the confines of the everyday, but instead breaks out of the box and creates an immersive experience that draws you in. It’s not just about putting video on your homepage – it’s about creating memorable video-led experiences.

The Best Content Medium for Immersive Experiences

Great digital experiences are immersive, they are interactive, and they are personal. They change how people feel, how they buy, and what they recommend. And video is the best form of digital communication to provide these experiences.

Video cuts through the noise. At its core, video is about personal, human connection. It replicates the human experience better than any other digital medium. And video translates complex topics into digestible, understandable content.

But just delivering video is not enough – the experience is what engages your audience and motivates them to take that next step. Immersive video experiences transform the ways businesses connect with their audience.

Many marketers simply stick a video on their website and check the video marketing box. But the video isn’t being used as part of a full digital experience. The experience you create around your video should delight the viewer – creating a destination, rather than an interruption.

Think Outside the Box

How are companies innovating with video and achieving big business results? Video leaders are thinking outside the box – literally. They integrate video with the content around it, to drive a truly immersive and memorable experience. They complement video with calls-to-actions, lead forms, and e-commerce links. They tie the content outside the video player to the content playing inside.

Video leaders also think about multiplying the ROI of their page real estate. Instead of embedding a single large player box with the hope that all users will click “play” on that single video, video leaders provide paths that users can select. By displaying a set of engaging video thumbnails, you let the user select what is most relevant.

With personalized, contextual, video content, you can create different states for your media – specifically tailoring what the viewer sees before, during, and after play.

You can also change that video viewing experience from a lean-back, watching mode, to a lean-in, engaged mode by adding interactive elements to the video experience.

Bring More Within the Box: Add Interactivity

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