How to Create an Instagram Ad Strategy That Makes an Impact (And Why You Should)

By Maura Canavan

If you read our blog regularly, you’re probably used to hearing us say that the era of app acquisition being the most critical metric for app marketers is over. And that’s true! Successful mobile apps are all about user engagement. App acquisition is still important, of course, especially when you use it to develop new channels to engage with the customers you already connect with in-store or on email.

You can make a safe assumption that these users you’re connecting with are on social media, which has proven to be a solid user acquisition tool. For mobile audiences, marketers say it’s been the most effective way to acquire new users.


And Instagram is one of the most influential social networks out there, with over 700 million users worldwide. (Fun fact: it only took Instagram 4 months to go from 600 to 700 million users!)

With this kind of growth, Instagram represents a major opportunity for marketers to accomplish 2 significant goals:

Reach a new audience.

This group is who marketers traditionally tried to reach via social media ads. These were potential users who didn’t yet have a relationship with your brand.

Convince your current customers to engage with you on a different channel–your mobile app.

This group is even more important than the first for enterprise marketers. It’s long proven to be easier to engage and build stronger relationships with the customers you already have.


Spring knows I’m already a website user–and a great candidate to download their app.

That’s a foundational tenant behind omni-channel strategy; reaching your users on mobile is a major part of your omni-channel strategy. Don’t think of it as another device to market with–think of it as another way to connect with your customers and users. And the data’s in favor:

Brands that use omni-channel tactics in their marketing saw a 91% increase in year-over-year retention rates.

Connecting with your users on multiple channels, when and how they want, is a powerful way to increase customer/user retentions. The first step to doing so? Reaching them on the channels where you want to connect. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each have over hundreds of millions of users.

What kind of apps should advertise on Instagram?

According to Facebook’s data, the topics seeing the most engagement on Instagram‘s platform are fashion/beauty, food, TV/films, hobbies, and music. If your app is related to these areas, Instagram is the perfect way for you to reach new customers, and customers who haven’t yet downloaded your app. At the same time, 600 million users mean you shouldn’t count Instagram out if your app doesn’t fall in these areas.

But why Instagram over other types of ads?

1. Easy user path to download.

Instagram because as a mobile-only app, and mobile is still the means by which users primarily access the app. You can link your ad right to your listing on the App Store or Google Play, so your prospective app users have an easy path to downloading and trying out your app right away.

2. Creative flexibility.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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