How to Build Relationships With Guest Bloggers

By Patrick Collins

 How to Build Relationships With Guest Bloggers

As an early stage startup, leveraging every possible marketing channel is key to both testing your product and getting feedback, as well as driving traffic to start making sales. It is critical that your mindset is both thinking of the most efficient and effective techniques.

“Effectiveness is doing the things that get you closer to your goals. Efficiency is performing a given task (whether important or not) in the most economical manner possible. Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe.“ Tim Ferriss

If you are thinking about ways to drive more traffic to your site and how to raise awareness of your product, interacting with guest bloggers is a sure way to be both efficient and effective.

Step 1: Leveraging

With a new business, you will be determined to try and create a social ‘buzz’. Therefore, you will be pushing Twitter for more followers and retweets, Facebook for more likes and shares, and Linkedin for more connections. However, if you analyse your own account, you will realise how inefficient it is to think that these channels will bring any success short term. As a longer term strategy I agree that it is in your best interests to be building all the foundations of social media accounts, but short term you need to be thinking of what is going to bring you instant results and spikes in traffic.

As an early stage startup (less than 1 year old) let’s presume the following figures are your social media stats:

2000 Twitter followers
800 Facebook Likes
1000 Personal Linkedin Connections

In terms of a routine let’s presume you do the following:

Create social media posts for the week ahead which include 3 tweets per day and one Facebook post per day
You write one blog post per day
You connect with 25 people per day on Linkedin

In theory, all of this is brilliant, you feel like you are active, you are working hard, you are getting some likes of your posts and the odd person comments on a tweet. However what is the actual effect of all of this?:

When posting on Facebook, only a very small percentage of people who have liked your page will actually see your posts on their feed:

“You used to be able to access your Facebook fans by creating really good content that got likes and shares from users. The more likes and shares you got, the more likely it was that the post would be seen. Now, you not only have to create compelling content, you also have to put advertising dollars behind it to ensure it’s seen in News Feeds,” Kurt Merriweather.

This means that although you are spending lots of time trying to come up with unique Facebook content, nobody is actually seeing the posts. If we have a look at DJ David Guetta Facebook page, he has over 54 MILLION likes:

However, when he posts something on his page, like a competition which you would expect to be lots of engagement. Again I stress that out of 54 million likes, he gets 748 Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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