How to Build an Authentic Brand Online

By Susan Gilbert

How to Build an Authentic Brand Online to Attract the Right Audience

How to Attract the Right Audience and Influencers with an Authentic Brand Persona

What do you do after building an active and engaged audience online?

Your business needs to move past the marketing campaign level and enter into a human-centered approach by creating an authentic brand image with your audience.

Once you have an interested community the key to lasting success is loyalty — in order to establish this you will want to be both reliable and transparent. This means that your leads and customers want to turn to you as their main source and recommend your business to others. As you reach out to them and put their needs and desires above your company promotions you can establish authenticity that is long lasting.

According to a report by McKinsey Research 87 percent of consumers shop around with only 13 percent staying loyal to brands. This makes it more important than ever to connect with potential buyers on their level in order to retain them as customers.

In order to become a strong influence in your target market you need to have several things in place:

  • Fans and followers on social media who are truly interested in your brand
  • Endorsements from other customers or influencers — this does not mean you need a celebrity to do a shout out for you
  • A product or service that stands out from the rest and is highly recommended

While connecting with high level people can help your brand to a certain extent — it’s really the actual consumers and reviews that people will look up to the most. For example, a celebrity can bring in the entertainment factor such as the commercial ads for Progressive Insurance, but it’s the actual results and experiences that carry weight.

This is especially true on social media as customer service is being handled more and more on Facebook Pages, Twitter, and even on Instagram. If you’re not responding to your community on a regular basis they will quickly voice their opinion and move on. Not enough brands are engaging with their customers, as reported by Marsha Collier on Twitter via Digiday:

Just publishing great content and automating your social media marketing is not enough to build influence online. As you connect with the right leaders in your industry who can recommend your brand you are able to get to the very core of your audience and reach them through trust and communication.

AdEspresso by Hootsuite conducted their own experiment on Instagram with negative results from purchased followers:

It’s clear that by attracting real followers who are truly interested in a product or service your brand will be able to increase your sales and create advocates for your brand. When people share their actual experiences with their friends, family, and co-workers the payoff can be great. Paying someone to increase your numbers or to endorse you can actually hurt your reputation and bottom line.

So how do you establish an authentic brand online? Here are several ways to Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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