How to Build a Vibrant Community on Twitter with Madalyn Skylar

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Madalyn Skyler Twitter Chat

In one of our bi-monthly #marketochat’s, we discussed How to Build a Vibrant Community on Twitter with Social Media Influencer, Madalyn Sklar. Twitter continues to be a place that people go in order to find out brand information, so it is critical that you are building the right community for your brand and follower base.

In this blog, we’ll cover Madalyn Skylar’s advice on building a vibrant community on Twitter from a recent #marketochat.

Why is engagement on Twitter so important for B2B marketers?

Engagement on Twitter is crucial for B2B marketers because the more you increase your engagement with your followers, the more you increase brand awareness, customer support, and advocacy. By increasing engagement, you are able to personally interact with customers and prospects, which in turn can drive leads, sales, and ultimately profits.

What steps do you consider when developing a Twitter engagement strategy?

The first step is to look at your community. It is important to understand who they are and what they like because they will be the ones sharing your content. The next step is to actually map out your plan and think about what will drive long-term engagement. You want to ensure that the interaction between your brand and your community continues to develop over time. It is important to take note of what works and what does not so that you can make changes to your strategy and continue on the path of long-term growth.

What kind of content do you recommend posting on Twitter?

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Posting a variety of content on Twitter is essential to show the “human” side of your brand. Besides posting relevant articles pertaining to your niche, it is also necessary to focus on incorporating some of the more popular content like images and videos to bring more attention to what you are sharing. With videos, in particular, you have the power to really connect with people and boost engagement. It’s important that not only do you pay attention to the overall performance of your posts but see if you can recognize types of posts that perform better than others—for example highly visual posts, versus just text.

How frequently should businesses be posting on Twitter? Does it differ for B2B vs. B2C?

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For someone who is just starting out on Twitter, it would be best to start off with 3 to 5 posts a day in order to build up your brand and audience. You can try out different things to see what works best for you and your audience. Frequency does differ from business to business because what the audience wants and expects will vary, so it is really best to experiment. Once, you do find that sweet spot that works, stick with it for a while but don’t Go to the full article.

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