How to Build a Business and Life You Love

By Ryan Estis

A close friend recently asked me to lend a little counsel to a solopreneur who just started his journey. He’s launching a wellness and nutrition coaching business, and like so many kitchen table entrepreneurs, he’s navigating the anxiety of leaving a secure corporate gig to do something entirely new for the first time in his life.

Starting something new brings the hope of something great, but also includes plenty of fear and uncertainty. I’ve been there, and I was happy to lend a little support. Here are a few excerpts from an email I sent after our initial conversation to help my new friend navigate his first 100 days as a business owner.

Writing the email helped me recognize that most of this advice still applies to my own business today. I hope it might help you also!

You’ve Already Won

Congratulations! Go celebrate.

Making the the move to start your own business is a milestone worth commemorating.

Celebrate in a way that’s specific and memorable. Surround yourself with people you love. Go to your favorite restaurant. You have already won, my friend!

Most people are too terrified to ever really take the dream off the shelf and go for it. It can be an overwhelming, arduous process to trade in the secure corporate gig for the solopreneur hustle. I suffered for years agonizing over this decision until the great recession pushed me into placing a big bet on myself. It was the best bet I have ever made, not because of what I have accumulated, but because of who it has helped me become.

One of my best friends, who is also a trusted advisor and wildly successful entrepreneur, shared this perspective as I was getting started: “The only regret you are going to have is that you didn’t do this 10 years sooner.” Then he asked a favor. “Call me on the day you believe that is the truth.” To this day, it was one of the most satisfying phone calls I have ever made.

Decide What You Want

Decide what you want. Dream big. Commit. Write it down. Do it right now. Share it with someone you love.

Define your vision of your life and business 12 months from now. Why are you doing this? How does it feel? How do your customers feel? How do the people you love feel about you? Capture it all. You need this to focus on what matters and to be crystal clear on mapping your actions and activities in support of your vision.

Determine the next most important action you can take to create momentum and move you in that direction. Go do that.

Repeat that process.

Repeat it again.

You’ll learn that your time is your most important asset. Manage your time to move you toward to direction of your dreams. Map every decision in support of the vision. The key here is making meaningful, measurable progress every single day.

There are going to be missteps and mistakes. I made them all. Anticipate the adversity because it’s coming. The key is how Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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