How to Beat Procrastination and Be More Productive

By Deb Dey

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Are you a procrastinator?

If yes, don’t worry, you are not alone. We have all been there.

In this era of ‘distraction overdose’ procrastination is a common problem. We all procrastinate from time to time. It’s not a bad thing, but it can turn into a nasty habit very easily if we aren’t careful.

You know the feeling when you cannot focus long enough to finish any critical task in hand or you’re blankly sitting in front of your computer watching the cursor blink and you haven’t accomplished any single thing. You make mental notes of all the errands you need to run but you just can’t get started on. Certain tasks can seem like torture if the person is bored or disinterested in it. This feeling often leads to procrastination and very soon procrastination converts into guilt.

Students get tired of carrying out the mundane schedule day after day; hence, they are hard-wired to procrastinate. Procrastination is that overpowering compulsion that forces us to do any other activity so long as it’s not that one thing that we are meant to do. It’s a dreadful feeling but reading on procrastination is bordering on being productive.

Did you know that 47% of our time that we spend online has nothing to do with our work. In 1978, 15% of the population stated that they were persistent procrastinators. In 2002 the numbers quadrupled, with around 60% of the population stating they experience moderate procrastination in their everyday lives. So, before procrastination rules your life, make the conscious decision to overrule it.

I was a habitual procrastinator, especially during my teens, but after facing a lot of criticism at school I made the resolution to defy it. I religiously adhered to certain simple techniques and eventually my procrastination diminished. However, every now and then I tend to revert back to my old habit, but with the help of the below mentioned strategies, I pull myself out of it.

You will be happy to learn that there are many techniques to beat procrastination. I have summed up fifteen points that will help you in developing a habit structure to overcome this harrowing foe once and for all. From now on you don’t have to be angry at yourself for being a procrastinator, simply embrace your distraction for a little while and spend a few minutes reading about the Top 15 ways to beat procrastination.

1. Setup timers and reminders:

Set five minutes to work on any particular task (you can do just about anything for five minutes). You may surprise yourself after finding that you want to keep working even when the timer goes off. If you don’t feel like continuing then take a short break and reset the timer once again. You can accomplish a lot in just five minutes; especially the tasks you dread hardly take as much time as you contemplate. Setup an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminder that reminds you to stay focussed on your work and not waste your time doing unproductive work. Go to the full article.

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