How to Advertise on Facebook in 10 Steps

By Allen Finn

how to advertise on facebook

Blood, sweat, and tears were spilled, but you’ve finally mastered Google AdWords. Thanks to your hard work, you’re capturing leads left and right. You’ve peddled a warehouseful of widgets.

But you want more. You need more.

You know that Facebook is the logical leap to an even better return on your advertising dollars. To truly dominate Facebook advertising, though, you’re going to need more than just a keen understanding of how the platform works. It takes creativity, preparation, and will.

In fact, the road to becoming a Facebook advertising champion has a lot in common with chasing the opportunity of a lifetime in front of a hometown crowd and triumphing against all odds despite immense adversity and personal turmoil. Cue “Eye of the Tiger”…

how to advertise on facebook infographic by wordstream

How to Advertise on Facebook, Step #1: Create Your Business Page & Ad Account

Get to know your customers. Be engaging, learn their common interests, learn what keeps them up at night.

This will allow you to create better ads for more targeted audiences that you can nurture effectively. Only. Using. Facebook.

If you’re already advertising on Facebook, check out our Facebook Ad Industry Benchmarks and see how you stack up against your competition.

Skeptical about getting started? Maybe Does Facebook Advertising Work? is more your speed.

The Facebook Advertising Halo Effect

Our research shows that Facebook advertisers see average organic post impressions 225% higher than businesses not advertising on Facebook.

facebook advertising has a positive impact on organic facebook traffic

In addition to the boost to average organic post impressions, Facebook advertisers outperform businesses that aren’t advertising to the average tune of:

  • 77% more page fans
  • 96% more page clicks
  • 126% more page impressions
  • 90% more fans reached
  • 111% more friends of page fans reached

What does this mean? Facebook rewards businesses that spend money by amplifying their unpaid content for free.

How to Advertise on Facebook, Step #2: Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

The Facebook Pixel can be as straightforward or malleable as you need it to be: either way, you need it if you want to find out what kind of return you’re getting on your ad spend.

The Facebook Pixel can be optimized for any type of on-site action. It lets you build remarketing lists. If it’s not already on your website, go add it!

Facebook advertising needs the facebook pixel or it just wont work

To learn more about adding the Facebook Pixel to your website, check out The Ultimate Guide to Tracking, Targeting, and Driving Conversions on Facebook by SMM expert Brett McHale.

How to Advertise on Facebook, Step #3: Uncover Your Ideal Audiences

There are nearly 2 billion active Facebook users, and most of them aren’t interested in your product or service (sorry).

Luckily, you can use any combination of geographic, demographic, behavioral, and interest targeting to find the people who are.

Facebook allows you to find potential customers based on virtually any parameter. You can find amateur pugilists in Arkansas or lifelong pacifists who eat cricket chips. Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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