How Tech Can Help You Retain Your Workplace’s Best Millennial Employees

By Edmond Chan

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that Millennials will constitute nearly 50 percent of the American workforce by 2020. Because this generation is creeping ever so closely to being the workplace majority, there’s a need to make office spaces conducive to their needs in order to maintain or increase productivity and happiness.

Although Generation Y has the same priorities as its Generation X and Baby Boomer counterparts did at this life stage, the world it lives in is drastically different. Technology touches all parts of Millennials’ lives, including the way we work.

Technology continues to disrupt traditional business structures in everything from commuter and freelancer status to data availability to staff size. Embracing mobile and contextualized technological possibilities can attract and retain the kind of Millennial talent that will help your company continue to grow.

Make Technology Work for Millennials

Generation Y workers are used to streamlined, personal experiences in most aspects of life. Outfitting your company with that quality of technology can fine-tune all aspects of the employee journey, from onboarding all the way to retirement.

Mobile apps can be a great communication resource for established and former employees, as well as potential hires. They allow prospective employees to access information such as interview location and time, while new hires can use them to peruse training materials and benefits packages. Exiting employees can plan their career transitions or retirement, transfer insurance and retirement plans, and stay connected to the community.

Contextualized office spaces put you in charge of a more personalized, interactive environment. When the host employee invites guests or prospective employees, a preregistration system for guests and contractors ensures appropriate badges are provisioned in advance. Hosts also receive instant notifications of a guest’s pending arrival, which drastically reduces their wait time in the lobby.

In addition to hiring perks provided by the contextualized office space, employee incentive programs can be incorporated. A popular program includes promoting healthy lifestyles by providing discounts on healthy meals for individuals who have walked 10,000 steps during their workday.

Without a doubt, hiring and retaining employees is competitive. Millennial employees especially want to have a positive impact and seek out companies that embrace the drive to make technology a priority throughout the entire organization.

Make Technology Work for You — and Millennials

Implementing this technology correctly is extremely important for improving a company’s overall success. Here’s how to keep yours relevant so your company remains so with this audience:

1. Don’t let it go stale. Keep innovation fresh by regularly adding new capabilities and context to your technology. This keeps the app updated and drives users to come back regularly.

App fatigue is real, so anything that alleviates inconveniences for employees is for the best. Consolidate multiple apps into one, and share bulletins, news, and other information to ensure engagement is consistent throughout the workplace.

2. Put the data to work. Track what staff uses within an app, and use analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. These reports can show a lot of things, such Go to the full article.

Source:: Business2Community

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