How Podcasting is Effective for Brand Building

By Susan Gilbert

How Podcasting is Effective for Brand Building

Get Your Message Out With Podcasting

Are you ready to move beyond your blog?

Podcasting may be the next step in building your personal brand and is still a growing medium when it comes to attracting an interested audience.

It can seem impossible to fully reach your target market with just content, social media marketing, and advertising — but the truth is you have a message that needs to get out there and both audio and video can help you do this faster. If you want to establish yourself as a leading authority in your industry or as an author you should strongly consider hosting your own show or at least being a part of one.

The first thing to understand is that your podcast needs to stand out from the rest and become uniquely your own. Just about any industry online can do this including:

  • Business bloggers
  • Online trainers
  • Membership websites
  • Coaches or consultants
  • Authors

These are just a few examples of niche markets who can be taking advantage of producing a regular program that speaks directly to the needs of the community. This may require more of an investment of time on your part, but the payoff is great as you launch into a new arena that can propel your business or book(s) forward.

The number of podcast watchers and listeners is expanding according to a report by Edison Research featured on Convince and Convert. Their study found that since 2013 the trend has continued to steadily grow, especially with an audience ranging from 12 to 54 with the average person subscribing to 6 shows.

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Why start a podcast?

If you want to build a trusted brand then it’s important to continue to expand your marketing efforts into new digital arenas that your audience is active and engaged in. Today’s information age is focused on relationship building — what better way to do this than through your own dedicated channel? And with 46 million listeners each month on just iTunes alone your exposure has the potential to grow far more than just leveraging social media and your blog.

Many people are on the go these days and are getting their information quickly from the mobile devices. Meeting them where they are at is a quick, easy and free way to build an audience online.

There are a variety of ways to present your message either through an audio or video episode. A great way to start is through re-purposing your blog posts that have already garnered your readers’ attention.

Create something that either educates, informs, or entertains your audience in a way that encourages them to subscribe for more. When done in a consistent and fresh way you will be able to quickly establish your channel. Here’s a great example from Nathan Chan, host of The Foundr Podcast:

There are many different creative ways to leverage your online presence and establish a memorable brand name that people will know and recognize. And it’s not difficult get started Go to the full article.

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