How Outstanding Event Marketing Boosts Brand Awareness [Infographic]

By Dave Sutton

Here’s an unexpected marketing strategy—go rent a house and paint it pink.

That’s exactly how Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz transformed his album release into a powerful brand storytelling opportunity.

To prepare for the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, he rented a house at 1530 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta and painted it pink to match the cover of his new album. The inside of the house was decorated with hip-hop inspired art featuring work by local artists and paintings of Atlanta landmarks. Dubbed the Trap House, the Berkeley Park home first offered a pop-up nail salon where people could get their nails done for free. When this gained little traction, 2 Chainz shifted the focus of the house to offering community services like free HIV testing, painting classes, and church services. The physical Pink Trap House went viral on social media and became a must-see attraction for Atlanta locals and visitors. During the campaign, #TrapHouse was tagged over 300K times on Instagram.

So, did his successful event marketing efforts turn into sales?

“Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” debuted at No. 2 behind Lorde’s Melodrama, and online streams of the album hit No. 1 on Billboard’s rap album charts.

.@2chainz turned his Pink Trap House installation in Atlanta into a free HIV testing center.

— Complex (@Complex) July 4, 2017

The Benefits of Event Marketing

2 Chainz capitalized on event marketing by creating a fully-immersive customer experience that made people want to engage with the brand, want to learn more, and want to advocate on behalf of the pink Trap House.

Events play an important role in Transformational Marketing programs. Event marketing is the process of developing a themed display, exhibit, or presentation. It allows brands the opportunity to give customers a unique experience and create a lasting impression. It is an opportunity to educate, engage, make new connections, and show your brand’s personality.

So, how can you tap into the power of event marketing to create engaging and profitable customer experiences?

Your Brand Story Must Be at the Core of Event Marketing

A successful event marketing campaign delivers a strong message and gets participants excited about becoming a part of your brand story. 2 Chainz illustrated that event marketing works best when it delivers an aligned brand experience. The College Park native successfully fused his brand story and core values through a physical representation of his album and delivered on his brand’s dedication to serving the community.

Event Marketing Must Activate Audience Engagement

The right event marketing strategy doesn’t focus immediately on driving sales—it focuses on creating remarkable experiences that make the audience want to listen, want to care, want to engage, and want to advocate on behalf of the brand. You can attract the attention of your target customers by demonstrating some unique (maybe even trivial) knowledge. Or, you can share details on a cause that you care deeply about and invite your audience to participate. It turns out that Go to the full article.

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