How Media Outlets Can Prosper in a Mobile-First World

By Justina Perro

We’ve been hearing it for years now – newspapers are dying. And sure, in the literal sense newspapers themselves are becoming obsolete. But this idea that we won’t need trusted media outlets keeping us well informed on the happenings of the world is misguided. If anything, we’ve learned over the past year just how important it is to get our information from legitimate sources.

State Of The News Industry

Old school media outlets tend to be a bit behind on the times, which has allowed for a slew of digital media companies (The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, etc.) to spin up and take a fair share of the market in a short period of time.

The digital age has completely transformed the way people consume news. And while some loyalty to trusted outlets still exists, many people get their news from a variety of different mediums, including (deep breath) social media.

Does this mean all of the big name media outlets, the ones who are rooted in real journalism instead of #fakenews should throw in the towel? Not if they’re willing to turn to the device where 85% of Americans get their news from: smartphones.

Mobile: The Goliath Of Traditional Media Outlets

Mobile poses a huge opportunity for media outlets, if they embrace it and truly make it a part of their editorial process. The problem is, many aren’t set up to take mobile on. At Localytics, we have several big media clients and have also talked with many others that are trying to resolve this mobile integration problem.

Here’s the issue: An editor writes a story and uploads it to the media’s internal CMS– which will broadcast it across their website and other channels — except mobile, which isn’t integrated.

Sending push notifications to mobile devices adds an extra step in the editorial process. And since we know that time is everything to news publications, especially in today’s incredibly competitive news market where being first to break a story is everything, this is a major problem.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.15.58 PM.png

Solving The Mobile Challenge

How do media outlets solve this mobile integration challenge? By turning to a mobile marketing platform that can seamlessly integrate with their existing CMS. Not only does this solve for the ability to send breaking news push notifications, but it also grants them the ability to gain a deep understanding of their audience so that they can tailor the news experience for every reader.

In short? The secrets to turning your media outlet into a major mobile player are integration and personalization.

  1. Integration

Integrating mobile into your current CMS can be solved with the right mobile marketing platform. For example, Localytics offers a few options including a way to connect directly to your CMS.

Connecting mobile to the editorial process not only saves you time by allowing editors to send push notifications using their existing workflow, but also allows you to segment your mobile messaging based on topic tagging which is extremely important for reader engagement.

  1. Personalization

Segmenting your push notifications based on readers’ Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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