How Marketing on the Weekends Goes Beyond Football

By Kaleigh Moore

A while ago, I heard about an apocryphal (I hope at least) email strategy around sending marketing emails geared toward women during football games on Sundays. The idea being that while these prospects might be watching football, they may not be all that interested and therefore checking devices and phones, browsing emails.

My first thought was: “That’s dumb and pretty assuming, because there are a lot of women who really like watching football.”

But it got me thinking about emailing on the weekends in general (and my own email-opening habits). For me, I open work email seven days a week–and Sundays are typically a relaxed day where I’m spending a chunk of time either on the computer or looking around on my smartphone.

At some point in the day, I check my different email accounts, and even though I don’t respond to work-related messages until I’m back in the office, marketing messages sometimes catch my eye.

It turns out: I’m not alone in these habits. Data shows that 75% of Americans check their work email on weekends. What’s more: Only 20% of high earners (making more than $100K per year) will not open work email on weekends.

So what are the implications for the B2B market?

Sending B2B Promotion On the Weekend

It turns out that the weekends might be for more than just football.

Data from Smart Insights shows that entrepreneurs (and workaholics, self included, I guess) tend to open and click on B2B emails more during Saturday and Sunday. Take a look at the chart below to see just how significant the jump in engagement rate is over the weekend:

This indicates an important reality for B2B marketers: Even though the target audience may not be in the office over the weekend, they’re still mentally “plugged in” to work-related issues – meaning that the emails you send during this window don’t go unnoticed.

Plus: Since many other B2B companies are sending during the week, sending over the weekend presents an opportunity to capture a less distracted audience. When you’re the only one popping up in the inbox (or when you’re at least part of a smaller group), you have a better chance of standing out in this otherwise noisy and crowded environment.

Ultimately, we need to remember that although it’s business-to-business marketing, in reality, there are people behind those businesses that are making decisions.

So when we think about creating a strategy to reach that audience, people are still at the core of those efforts. And, the data doesn’t lie: People are still engaging their work brains on the weekends (whether that’s entirely healthy or not.)

From here, let’s look at some examples of effective weekend B2B marketing materials so you can get some ideas on what your next campaign might look like.

Examples and Ideas: B2B Marketing Over the Weekend

When it comes to weekend marketing efforts, things are a whole lot simpler thanks to marketing automation tools.

Even if you’re sending an email campaign on a Sunday, you don’t need to be at your Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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