How Many Mobile Apps are Actually Used?

By Sean Hopwood

App Annie data

Mobile apps flood the market today and are developed for various functions, such as entertainment, food delivery, taxi service, photo editing, learning, language translation, communication, shopping, videos, games, music, news, weather, and a lot more.

Apps for smartphones and other devices come out all the time, but how many are actually used by the average smartphone owner? Today’s post explores.

Mobile app usage and retention

Research Now conducted a survey in October 2015. They reported that 49% of smartphone app users in the United States use between 6 and 10 apps per week.

The following month, Pew Research Center released a report on the same subject. Based on their report, 30% of smartphone app downloaders in the U.S. had between 1 and 10 apps installed on their phone, and 32% had 11 to 20 apps. According to a 2017 article from Techcrunch, owners of smartphones use an average of nine apps a day and accessing around 30 apps a month. The data came from the new research done by App Annie.

In 2016, a Localytics survey on three month app retention and churn showed the following statistics:

Localytics data

This goes to show that all app users, across all industries, 80% do not use the apps they have downloaded after three months.

To illustrate further, based on the 2016 data from Localytics, the retention rate of apps downloaded differ by industry, with media and entertainment getting retained past the three-month period.

Three month user retention

Despite the number of apps being downloaded to smartphones, most of them are not retained for 24 hours, according to AppsFlyer. From their research, 29.1% of Android phone users downloaded apps and allowed them to remain on their phones for about a day. The number is a bit higher for users of iOS-based devices, at 25.5%. Checking the retention after a 30-day period, only 3.2% of iOS apps and 3.3% of Android apps were still actively used. Localytics also had a similar survey in 2016. It showed that 23% of users abandoned the app they downloaded after only one use. In 2014 only about 20% were abandoning their user-installed apps.

What became apparent was that retention was higher for apps that were installed for organic reasons, compared to those paid apps that were installed due to ads. Within a 30-day period, continued use of an organic app install was 156% more likely to happen on Android phones.

In 2015, the average number of apps used by smartphone owners in the U.S., tracked over four years, was 27. It went down further in 2016. According to eMarketer, smartphone users in the U.S. used about 21 apps per month on the average in 2016. By 2019, that number is expected to go down.

eMarketer data

Compare the previous U.S. stats to the latest research findings of App Annie for the first quarter of 2017 that includes other countries.

Average number of apps used per day

In the same report of eMarketer, it notes that Go to the full article.

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