How Many Hashtags Are Too Many on Instagram?

By Ivan Ivanov

How Many Hashtags Are Too Many On Instagram

When posting a photo on Instagram, we often go out of our way to include as many hashtags as possible. At other times, we include only one or two hashtags.

With the number of photo engagements different each time, we decided to ask the question of what is the perfect number of hashtags on Instagram? Here’s what we found!

In their personal endeavors and social circles, people often tend to make fun of their friends for using the whole spectrum of #InstaFamous hashtags. In fact, to increase our personal profile reach, we often include as many trending topics in the descriptions of our pictures as possible.

From a marketing standpoint, things don’t seem much different, at least on the surface. In fact, the benefits of using hashtags on social media have been proven time and time again.

Back in 2015, we’ve made a detailed analysis of how the use of the pound symbol (#) in front of a trend boasts a huge improvement in engagement. We’ve also discussed the numbers in detail. In fact, we’ve been following the trend since 2013 and continue to do to this day in 2017.

Having said that, we would be repeating ourselves if we start a discussion on how the proper use of hashtags can improve your engagement and reach on social media. Instead, we decided to discuss the topic of how many hashtags you should use on Instagram and why. Here’s what we found.

The Difference Between Using Hashtags on Instagram Compared to Twitter

First and foremost, we should discuss the core difference between using hashtags on Instagram compared to other social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

For starters, we are all aware that Instagram is primarily a photo (and most recently short video) sharing platform. On Instagram, people love to indulge in an array of different trends via the use of hashtags. However, instead of focusing primarily on trends like it is on Twitter, hashtags on Instagram are often used to categorize a photo.

With Twitter, it’s easy for an algorithm to understand the context of your tweet via the use of words. That’s why, while hashtags are a popular way of searching for different tweets, the wording you use also matters and lets you be found via the search function of the platform. Nevertheless, people also tend to use Twitter quite differently.

It’s another story with Instagram. On the photo sharing social media, hashtags are used for prime categorization of each photo. Much like tags on a WordPress post, hashtags are the tags Instagram uses to differentiate your photo from other photos on the platform.

While you can still use words and emojis in your description, including proper hashtags for your photo is crucial for the success of its reach and engagement.

How Many Hashtags should you Use?

Here comes the question. With Instagram letting you include over 40 hashtags in your description, how much should you actually use? It’s easy to assume that using as much of the Go to the full article.

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