How Instagram Polls Can Enhance Influencer Marketing

By Maddy Osman


Influencer marketing isn’t the next big thing—it’s already a big thing. Influencers promoting brands existed long before the digital revolution from the beginning of print advertising to stars pushing their “favorite” cigarettes in commercials on black and white televisions. However, social media platforms have opened up the floodgates as thousands of influencers guide the decisions of millions of their followers.

The most recent, powerful tool to be added to your marketing arsenal is the Instagram poll sticker feature for stories. The feature allows you as a marketer or influencer to ask questions to your followers, who can then vote on an answer.

Because of the allure and the increased prominence of photos and videos online, influencers flock to Instagram, making it their favorite platform as they work to attract as many of the 800 million active users as possible. The strong presence of influencers combined with the poll sticker makes Instagram a prime platform for marketing specialists, as social influence marketing campaigns provide brands an opportunity to organically and directly reach an enormous audience.

The poll is useful not only because it provides an additional level of engagement with users, but because it allows you to gather very specific insights. These insights can influence you and your team’s marketing campaigns, as well as your products and brand.

Polling for Market Research

Though the Instagram poll feature only gives users two options and only lasts as long as the typical story (24 hours) you’ll still be able to use it to gather invaluable information about your audience and their preferences. There are limitations to such a binary system but it will nonetheless provide you clear feedback.

You can start by asking your audience what kind of content they want to more of. For example, you can ask them, “What kind of posts do you prefer?” along with the options of “Images” or “Videos”. The results can help you decide where you want to spend your marketing dollars for content development. If you are using multiple influencers, you might find that videos appeal more to one influencer’s audience, while photos have a greater impact on another’s.

The bottom line is that the poll will allow you to get direct feedback through Instagram stories, rather than forcing you to attempt to untangle likes and comments to determine the relative impact of a post based on its format, content, time posted, tags and so on.

The Instagram poll feature is also a great way to get feedback about your product to influence future development. You can ask your audience, “Would you pay more for a waterproof version?” along with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Or, you could ask them if they like a specific aspect of the current product to gauge how valuable the feature is.

In general, keep the questions simple and fun. Then, in future posts, make it clear that based on your audience’s preferences, you’ve made changes.

A post could read, “Since more than 90% of you wanted to see more videos, check out this one!”.

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