How Do You Hire a Mobile App Developer?

By Carey Wodehouse

Cropped photo showing someone designing different screens for a mobile phone interface

You know the benefit of having a mobile presence, so you can build your business where your your customers are—on their mobile devices. Building a successful mobile app takes strategy, marketing savvy, UI/UX experience, and plenty of expertise working within the various native operating systems and cross-platform softwares that comprise the modern mobile landscape. Whether you’ve got an app to build from scratch, updates, bug fixes, or new integrations, you’ll need a mobile pro with the right skillset for your particular project.

How do you find the right mobile app developer to help you bring your app idea to life? Here’s an overview and tips on what you can do to find, hire, and work with a freelance mobile app developer.

Identify Your Mobile App Project Requirements

The first step is to define what you want, then identify the type and level of skill needed to make it happen. Research what those requirements might be using resources like the Hiring Headquarters: There’s lot of information available about mobile development projects, like the latest in mobile programming languages, cross-platform apps technology, cross-platform apps, and tips for building better Android and iOS apps.

Refining your project details with a basic creative brief, mobile design specification document, and a technical specification document can help you identify high-level information, such as the deliverable and its purpose, app wireframes, your audience, any back-end integrations the developer needs to work with, or bugs that need fixing.

Wondering how to budget for a freelance mobile app developer? Here’s a look at how you can crunch the numbers for both Android and iOS.

Write an Effective Job Post

Use the information in your brief to create a detailed job post that will appeal to the type of freelancer you’re looking for. The more specific your job post and project, the better able a freelancer is able to form a bid for the job.

Start by defining a scope of work that focuses on three things:

  • Results: What deliverable(s) do you expect?
  • Targets: What are your deadlines?
  • Time: What are the start and end dates for your project?

You’ll also want to highlight the specific skills you’re looking for, what mobile platform(s) you’re developing a native app for, if you need experience with hybrid or cross-platform software, and what stage your app is in.

Be sure to mention things like API specifications and design specifications. Are there already APIs and a backend service that is up and running and ready to be used by the app? Do you already know what the app will look like? If so, attach detailed mockups and descriptions of interactions within screens of your app.

Shortlist Potential Freelance Mobile App Developers

As proposals are submitted, you’ll need to vet the most promising mobile app developers to create a shortlist of freelancers you want to interview. Here are some points to look for: