How Do You Effectively Connect With App Users Via Email?

By Patrick Sanders

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Admittedly, we’re biased toward mobile engagement, but we realize that the ideal marketing strategy makes the most of every available messaging channel. For many companies, email remains one of their most important touchpoints with customers and we’re always getting asked how marketers can use email to improve their mobile app marketing and vice versa. So, if email is a critical channel to your enterprise marketing strategy, then you’ll want to read on…


Let’s dive right in and look at a few use cases that will apply to almost every marketing strategy, regardless of size or industry:

#1: First Impressions Are Key

So you’ve built a really cool app and your rank in the app store is rapidly rising, which means people are installing and loving your app. That’s great! The next question is, how are you engaging with these new users?

In most cases, you’ll start by guiding users through their first experiences, showing them how to use your app or surfacing valuable recommendations. In mobile, this is known as onboarding, which is usually done over the course of a user’s first 3-5 sessions. One of the key objectives of onboarding is to make sure that as many users as possible opt in for push notifications, since users who have push enabled are far more active than those who don’t.

The question is, how do you keep engaging those users who get through onboarding and still haven’t enabled push? Our most sophisticated customers have found success in emailing this user group. Here’s how they used Localytics to make it happen.

Goal: Successfully engage new users that have Push disabled


  • In Localytics, create an audience of users with 3 – 6 sessions, and push disabled
  • Using Localytics’ Audience Export send this audience to your email service provider on a daily basis
  • Using your email vendor, create a recurring onboarding email campaign that’s driven by the Localytics’ Audience

Performance Measurement

  • Using the Localytics’ Events API, share the result (ex. Opened, Bounced, Unsubscribed) of the email campaign for each recipient
  • Use Localytics’ analytics reports (specifically the Usage, Engagement, Retention, and Funnels reports) to analyze these users’ downstream behavior versus those that enabled push during onboarding

Outcome: You can now effectively engage new users that have disabled push and measure the downstream impact. You can even build variations on this example to engage users with push disabled long after they’ve finished onboarding. Send a message as a push for users who can receive it and send the same message as an email for those who have push disabled.

#2: Reward Customer Loyalty

Loyalty program members spend up to 20% more than non-members on average (source), so if you don’t have a customer loyalty program, you’re missing out. For marketers who manage a thriving loyalty program, a major part of a successful program is getting your customers to redeem their points. Here’s how marketers are using Localytics to increase loyalty redemption.

Goal: Increase loyalty reward redemption