How Can You Outperform the Winners-Eat-Everything Digital Economy?

By Dan Abelow

New Roadmaps for the coming Winner-Take-All Digital Wars

Lesson for leaders

How will you exceed the new winners-eat-everything digital economy? You must surpass the world’s billion-user platforms that are eating the digital world, and as Amazon shows, advancing far into the physical one. Even the billion-user platforms face this threat. They will soon need to defeat each other or lose everything.

Digital convergence wars are coming. Why? The prize is the world’s digital infrastructure for decades to come. If you are one of today’s giant leaders, the reward is to concentrate the world’s wealth in your own corporate-first hands. The penalty will be total defeat.

If you are a publisher or media, your only chance is to change the paradigm, win a different game, and conquer from your chosen playing field. Your competitive strategy could be to add people-first exponential growth publishing, and ride it to industry leadership—then scale it to lead the world.

This may be your last chance to win today’s only real race, to capture the fast-arriving digital infrastructure. Put on your ten-league boots. It’s stomping time.

Todays billion-user platforms, the leaders in the race to own the worlds digital infrastructure.

Who leads the race to eat the future? Of the 14 platforms with a billion-users, Google and Facebook own 11 of them.

Today’s business scale is billion-user platforms: lead the world or go home

How have today’s billion-user platforms been created? Hunt for massive traction by pivoting your innovations, buying hot startups and copying those you can’t buy. Then scale digitally worldwide.

By 2025 the dominant platforms aim to capture most of the world’s digital economy through addictive technologies, AI, robotics, universal tracking-advertising-persuasion, cost elimination, and automated jobs. That digital world will surround and be invisible to unconnected companies.

Today’s linear and non-platform leaders will have four choices:

  • Be consumed and work in the digital infrastructure for its leaders
  • Decline to a smaller size and work in the old disconnected economy
  • Die
  • Only a few will rise to the challenge of taking on today’s leaders by building a world-leading platform of their own.

Publishing is one of the major industries that could be up to this challenge.

The Digital Convergence Wars of 2020-2025

Digital Convergence will explode into war. Follow-the-leader will stop working as the platforms add hooks to consume companies that merely copy them. Each of the giant platforms will spend $billions to capture your customers, the economy and entire societies.

How will your company win against the billion-user platforms, AI’s and voice bots from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple?

Either capture your industry, then other industries, or be captured.

Digital convergence warfare is almost here. How do you prepare strategically?

These wars will fight to own the world’s fast-arriving global digital infrastructure: