How Businesses Today Can Use Design Thinking to Drive Better Performance and Results

By Mark Miller

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You may have heard of “design-based strategy” or read recently how design-led companies are seeing great success. But if you’re unfamiliar with the term and aren’t a creatively-minded person yourself, you might not fully appreciate what it means or how it could affect your business. In reality, this approach to business can be extremely powerful and is something that your organization can take advantage of–if you have the right talent available.

How Emerging Trends in Design Thinking Drive the Need for Better Creative Staffing in Companies

So what is “design thinking” anyway?

  • Sarah Faulkner, Principal of Faulkner Strategic Consulting defines design thinking as “a form of solution-based thinking that starts with a specific goal and goes through multiple stages of iteration—divergence and convergence—to solve complex problems in a human-centered way.”
  • David Kester, Principal of David Kester & Associates defines design as “the connection between creativity and innovation.”
  • Tim Brown, CEO and President of IDEO describes design thinking’s role in business “as a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity”.

There is no strict protocol or set definition for design-based methodologies or principles. However, it can generally be defined as a way for businesses to use creative or design-led ways to solve structural, growth, and innovation challenges. And businesses who adopt it properly are able to better engage customers and adapt to changes in the market.

For instance; IBM places a big focus on design thinking to help meet their consumers’ needs with a human-centered mindset.

As a creative staffiang agency, we find that many companies are highly interested in employing a design-focus approach but lack the guidance on how to properly do so. That’s why we place such a heavy focus on a thorough and extensive process when working with companies on a creative director executive search. The right creative leadership and talent are essential to adopting a design-based corporate mindset.

The design of any product or service is the foundation of any successful invention or idea. The notable emergence of design thinking has surfaced mainly due to the mass of brands fighting to satisfy consumers and their growing and changing expectations. A design-led company strives to improve the customer experience and focuses every aspect of their strategy around the consumer.

Tips on Reaping the Benefits of Design Thinking

Companies that are design-focused integrate design into every aspect of their brand. Organizations that successfully do this drive innovation and successfully improve the customer experience.

According to a study from Adobe led by Forrester Consulting, the benefits of being a design-led company prove to be well worth the investment. 41% of design-led companies attribute having advanced design practices to greater market share and 50% of companies report more loyal customers.

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