Hiring An SEO Expert? Things To Include In Your Checklist

By Al Gomez

Hiring An SEO Expert Things To Include In Your Checklist

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are in. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, medium or large business. In this very dynamic and diverse marketing world, somehow you need SEO to help you promote your business online.

But hiring an SEO expert to help you boost your business, it not an easy-peasy job. You need to carefully choose the right SEO consultant which can cater your needs. So to help you, we have compiled and created a checklist to help you hire the right SEO expert to help you optimize your website.

#1. More Than 5 Years Of SEO Experience

Perhaps one of the biggest shake up in the SEO industry happened way back 2012. The first Penguin roll out happened that year which targeted SEO companies doing blackhat techniques such as keyword stuffing, spamming and other inappropriate link building. Thereafter comes back-to-back algorithm updates which strengthen the accuracy and credibility of SERP.

Before you hire an SEO consultant, take a look at his experience. Did he survive these algorithm updates? How did he go through in order to surpass the challenges?

Anyone can call themselves an expert but do they have the years of experience to back them up. SEO is more than just setting up an agency and it’s done. It’s about surviving the storms and gaining experience. This experience can help SEO experts survive other more complicated updates which no doubt would happen sooner or later. So before you hire and so-called expert make sure, you have cross this out on your list.

#2. Worked And Provided Results To Several Clients

For an SEO specialist, it is easy to talk about what we can do for your website. But it’s a totally different story when you ask us about “what have we done to make our clients happy?”

A good and skillful SEO specialist can present you with portfolios and sample works. He can provide you with a proven track record which he has earned over the years. While you can’t expect a perfect ten in all of his works, he must be able to present you with a decent number of successful works and happy clients opposite to the overall number of clients he has handled.

Track Record Sample

Moreover, don’t trust everything your prospect SEO expert say, you also need to check on current references like reviews and testimonials to know what other clients has to say about him.

#3. Advanced Level Of SEO Understanding

Search engine optimization has a large scope. It is not just about getting your websites rank higher or getting a boost in your traffic. It is also about boosting your business conversion through a total package SEO campaign.

What does it mean when we say total package SEO? Your search engine optimization expert should have a wide understanding of the three important elements of search engine optimization. These are

Technical Areas.

Choose an SEO expert that has knowledge on the technical issues needed to be fixed in your website. This mainly involves that Go to the full article.

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