Hillary Clinton Meeting With The Manchester Bomber’s Father Ramadan Abedi Is A Fake Meme

By Shawn Rice



Hillary Clinton seen in a photograph shaking hands with Ramadan Abedi, the father of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, is a fake meme. Rather, the real picture of theformer Secretary of State was given a false caption to help spread misinformation on social media.

Abedi detonated a home-made bomb in the arena’s foyer as crowds were leaving a performance by singer Ariana Grande killing 22 people. The blast, between the main arena and neighboring Victoria station, blew people off their feet and caused widespread panic. Witnesses described hearing an explosion and seeing a flash of fire.

In May 2017, a meme spread widely on social media, allegedly showing Clinton meeting and shaking hands with Ramadan Abedi, the father of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi.

She knows them all! #HillaryforPrison Hillary with Ramadan Abedi, father of the Manchester Bomber… pic.twitter.com/9Bih4d9oLC

— Peggy Christopher (@PegELakeOzark) May 29, 2017

However, Snopes reported that is not what this photo shows. The real photo actually shows Clinton shaking hands with Mohamed Magariaf, who was then President of Libya, during a meeting in New York on Sept. 24, 2012.

The photograph was taken by Don Emmert of Getty Images. At the photo’s real caption states the following in the Getty Images library.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) meets with Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf on September 24, 2012 at a hotel in New York.

An official State Department photo from the same meeting further corroborates the date and venue of the photo, and the identity of the man standing alongside Clinton.

According to Snopes, the falsely captioned version has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. The meme features the url www.o4a.org, which redirects to Overpasses for America, a web site known for publishing inflammatory content.

Here are some more examples of people sharing the fake meme on social media.

Hillary Clinton helped create ISSI and has ties to it! Another acquaintance.. Manchester bombers father! pic.twitter.com/EWPccftv7p

— Kevin W. (@kwilli1046) May 28, 2017

@USAA_help @HeartsofValor Hillary Clinton with the Manchester bombers father pic.twitter.com/M1aNlv3NL3

— Deplorable Drew (@drew_deplorable) May 25, 2017

@wikileaks @HillaryClinton with father of manchester bomber. #SethRichIsNotRussia #ClintonCorruption #PedoFiles #PedoGate #HRC4PRISON pic.twitter.com/ea0WWmIfgg

— RJ (@TheFarmacist111) May 30, 2017

Hillary Clinton has relationship with Manchester bomber’s father … you won’t see this on liberal news.https://t.co/IzcU3ZhnAD

— Patriot Hawk (@Patriot_Hawk) May 29, 2017

🚨The Manchester Bomber is one of Hillary Clinton’s Libyan “Rebels”
📰https://t.co/qWpSbBe2nr pic.twitter.com/j6T739W8lo

— Democrats for Trump (@YoungDems4Trump) May 26, 2017

Clinton expressed outrage over the terrorist attack on Twitter. Clinton said she was angered by the attack that injured dozens, children included.

“Outraged & angry about this cowardly terror attack on a crowd of young people. Sending sympathy & strength to victims & Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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