Hello Google – How To Optimize Voice Search For Your Startup!

By Elijah Masek-Kelly

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Voice Search – Low-Cost Online Marketing for Startups

Many marketers have claimed that 2017 was the “year of voice search” – even though it’s been around a lot longer than that. In fact, the world has seen dozens of variations on Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa that have enabled users to make voice-activated searches for all kinds of requests.

Most startups today are aware that they are faced with the challenge of standing out amongst the growing popularity of voice search enabled devices. However, with the majority of businesses putting their effort into written SEO strategies, many people are scrambling to update their content so that they can appear within voice search results as well.

A Little Bit Of History…

Google introduced an exciting voice search to Android phones in 2010. Smartphone users could simply speak out their search terms and the search engine would do its job. People didn’t have to type in search terms anymore. All they had to do was talk. As innovative as this was, the voice search was young and it was not able to process more than a few basic words.

However, Google as always, was forward-thinking. Instead of making it into another robotic function with a list of words, it kept the Voice Search as a cloud facility that accumulated words and actual speech from users over the years. Gradually, Google Voice Search has increased its word database to more than 230 billion words from user queries.

Of course, Apple had to compete. This was the introduction to Siri – the voice assistant with a personality. It was designed to provide users with suggestions based on the information it had about them.

Voice search was a utility that was fun to use and amused people to see how they could simply say, ‘search shampoo,’ for the search feature to automatically work. With Siri, it was even more amusing as people asked all sorts of weird answers to get weird responses. Fun gradually turned into a function and a child that knew just a few basic words is now an adult ready to create a huge impact in the world of search.

Want to test it out? Just tell your Google Assistant how much you love her and watch what comes next!

The Growth and Adoption of Voice Search

Voice search is in many ways the future of computing, the bridge that may connect humans to machines and eventually one that will change the very dynamics of how we carry out online marketing. With more than 41% of adult users in the U.S. using voice search, this feature is experiencing rapid growth and adoption. As the usage trend increases, so does the complexity of queries and search commands.

As people grow more comfortable with speaking to their phones to get information, the way searches work will change dynamically. What this means for marketers is that SEO will face a dramatic change that will require adaptation and consideration in all marketing efforts.

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SEO and Voice Search

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