Growbots vs. Zenprospect: Which Sales Prospecting Tool is Better?

By Anthony Carranza

Sales for the companies is what keeps their world turning. Without it, everything dies or falters.

It’s that simple. It’s exactly because of this that sales prospecting companies are popping up like mushrooms online.

After all, with how crucial sales is, there will always be a need for sales prospecting tools.

While having countless sales prospecting companies might seem fine and dandy at first glance, since the more sales prospecting tools there are, the more options the business owners have. Having way too many options can also breed problems for the companies.

Of course, a clear drawback for having way too many options would be confusion. Because of everything that’s out there, the companies won’t know which sales prospecting tool to use.

Are you in that kind of situation right now? (Are you confused at which sales prospecting tool to use?) If you answered with a “yes,” then I’m glad that you’re here.

We’re going to talk about two of the best sales prospecting tools in the market and see which one will come up on top. (Note: the verdict will be shared at the end of the comparison).


Growbots isn’t just your average sales prospecting tool; it is an AI for sales.

With the Growbot AI, anyone can now generate bazillions of targeted leads in minutes with just a click of a button (more on this later when I show you screenshots of the tool).

The platform helps their clients automate their lead prospecting efforts, all while still enabling a level of personalization on their outreach email messages.

The company boasts generating 250,000 leads, analyzing 10 million emails, and creating a $1.2 billion pipeline. There are over 90 people within the Growbots team, about 30 of them are in product development.

Since most of Growbots creators are experienced marketers, they can relate to the customers first hand. This enabled them to create a “mature” product, one that seamlessly resonates with their customers.

Growbots is also very well received by its users. It has managed to garner a stunning 4.8 rating (out of 5 stars), where all 30 of its users gave a 5-star rating, 1 gave a 4-star rating, and the remaining 2 giving a 3-star rating.

They have great reviews, don´t they? Now that you have a better idea of how the platform works, let’s check out what the tool has to offer.

Account setup

To setup your email account if you’re using Gmail, click the “Connect new Gmail / Google Apps for Work” button. If you’re using a different email platform, however, then click the “Connect new SMTP/IMAP account” button, instead.

Creating projects

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create and customize your projects.

After clicking the green “Create new project” button, you can now start customizing your projects by entering your keywords, choosing your target location, target vertical, etc.

You can even click the “Advanced” feature so you can customize your project even more to get a more targeted set of leads.

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Source:: Business 2 Community

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