Google Releases Life Events Targeting to Everyone!

By Mark Irvine

adwords life events targeting

Keywords don’t buy your product – people do!

It’s no wonder that Google is investing more into allowing advertisers to target audiences instead of keywords – whether that’s with remarketing, RLSA, similar audiences, demographic details, or even their newly improved customer match.

Earlier this year, Google perked heads when they first announced that they would allow us to target based on users going through a major life event, such as getting married. Well, as of today, all advertisers (and agencies) can take advantage of this exciting new life event targeting feature within their AdWords accounts!

How to Set Up Life Event Targeting in AdWords

Life event targeting must be set up at the ad group level in either a video campaign or a Gmail-only campaign. Under the audiences tab within an ad group, select the middle option for “Intent and life events”:

From there, you can choose to add any number of in-market audiences or life events. Life events can be drilled down to between users preparing for a life event (about to graduate college, get married, moving soon) and immediately after the event (recently graduated college, got married, moved).

Life events can be layered with in-market audiences, affinity audiences remarketing lists, or similar audiences to further refine your target audience.

how to target life events in adwords

Within Gmail, an audience can either be added as a target (restricting the reach of your ads) or as an observation (allowing you to adjust your bid for this audience experiencing a life event). Similarly, Life event targets can be added as exclusions. Exclusions can be added at either the campaign or ad group level.

Targeting Important Life Events

Today, Google has three main life events for users to target: College Graduation, Marriage, and Moving.

College Graduation

Targeting students entering the “real world” has obvious potential for businesses advertising job-hunting services or companies that are looking to attract new talent, or potentially settle or refinance their student debts.

targeting recently graduated audience


However, as people graduate college, there’s also a lot subtle needs that advertisers can capitalize on. Apparel advertisers may find this young “newly professional” demographic has an increased demand for clothes that are appropriate for interviewing or the workplace.

Most education advertisers may want to exclude those graduating college from their campaigns, however – unless they offer a graduate school program, in which case they may find this a particularly important audience to get in front of.


I got married in September and the experience taught me two things – first, that I’m so happy that I found my sweet, lovable husband (who I know doesn’t read my blog posts). And secondly, getting married is a LOT of work, a lot of planning, and a lot of shopping!

mark irvine wedding

It’s my blog post, so yes, I do get to put my wedding pictures in it. Photo credit Josh London Photography

Obviously, users about to get married are in market for a number of different products and services – and Go to the full article.

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