Good Things Happen When You Speak Your Audience’s Love Language

By Brian Basilico

Love Feeds Love

Today I want to talk about how good things happen when you speak your audience’s love language. You’re probably asking, “Okay, love language?” It can mean a lot of different things. What I’m talking about is speaking to your clients in the way that they want to be spoken to and getting them to understand your messages in a way that relates to them better than just constantly selling. Most of us tend to focus on features and benefits. These are the features. These are the benefits. These are the things that we’re trying to get across to our audience so that they think that we have the next greatest bread slicer or toaster or whatever it is. But really, what it boils down to is talking to your clients in a way that’s going to get them, or potential clients, to see things a little bit differently, to the point where maybe they understand that (A) you have a solution, and (B) you’re going to be the best solution.

Getting Your Message Right

Now, I’ve done a lot of coaching. I’ve had a lot of coaches that have worked with me, and I also coach a lot of clients. I have one-on-one clients, I have masterminds, and I have learned that for the vast majority of us (and that includes me, because I need a coach just as much as anybody else does) is that it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. We tend to communicate the way we want to be communicated to, but that is not always the way that people want to hear the messages that they need to hear. So, let me give you a couple of podcasts that I’d love you guys to go back and listen to. Now, these are some of my favorites, and I have lots of favorites. Out of 280 interviews, I’ve interviewed some incredible people, and I constantly learn from them. The two that I want you to listen to are by David Garfinkel and Michael Hauge.

David was the first time that a podcast of mine had so much great stuff, I split it up into two podcasts. So for David Garfinkel, check out episode 235 and episode 237. He talks about copywriting secrets, so how to write great copy. The next one is Michael Hauge, and that is episode 267, where he talks about using the hero’s journey, but in a way that is kind of condensed down specifically for business. Where I’m headed with this, is to just learn how to write or create content, whether it’s a video script, an audio script for a podcast, or a blog post or whatever you’re doing, or it could be part of your sales pages or website that communicates with people in the way that they want to be communicated to.

Talk With Your Customers…

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