Getting Started with Video Strategy

By Ellen Gomes

Chinese philosopher Laozi once famously said, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” And as someone who has traveled around a bit, I couldn’t agree more. But to me, that first step has nothing to do with my feet—step one is always about building a plan.

Whether it’s a trip around the world or a simple marketing campaign, planning out your goals, what you want to accomplish, and how you’re going to get there are integral to making sure your journey starts off on the right foot. And overall, marketers are great at planning! Most companies have a content strategy, a demand gen strategy, and even a sales strategy that incorporates marketing goals and collateral. So with this in mind, why are so many organizations creating video for the sake of video? I would argue it’s because they’re missing that one key detail—a video strategy.

So before you press record, or put together another video script, let’s talk about why having a video strategy is so important—and how easy it is to put one together! I’ll focus on creating your first video as a starting point.

Set Tangible Video KPIs

Over 50% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, and that number is only growing. But you can only truly capture ROI if you know what your goals are, and what you’re trying to accomplish with your video. Before you press record, the first step in your video strategy should be asking this simple question: what is my goal for this video?

For some campaigns, it’s driving prospects towards a demo request for a new feature. Other campaigns may use video as a ‘teaser’ asset for downloading an asset or engaging with a campaign. No matter what you’re using video for, having an explicit goal for the video allows you to measure the ROI on whether you are recouping the time, money, and effort spent to create the video.

Consider assigning tangible goals to your video content as part of your initial strategy planning—for example, 100 demo sign ups or 200 leads generated from the campaign. Avoid using vanity metrics like view counts as the goal of your video. Having 100,000 thousand viewers on your video is meaningless if the goal was generating leads and you didn’t generate any!

Building Your Distribution Plan

So now that you know what you want your video to accomplish the next step is planning out how people are going to find it. Much like picking the route on an epic road trip, knowing where your videos are going to live is a key step in understanding how you’re driving traffic to that content. Will your videos be optimized for social media? Will you be gating your content and requesting contact information in exchange for watching the video?

All of these decisions should be laid out in advance as it will dramatically affect how you create your video. 56% of Go to the full article.

Source:: Marketo

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