Get Your Scrum Team “in the Zone”

By Nagesh Sharma

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We always hear athletes talking about being ‘in the zone.’ But you don’t have to be LeBron James to feel this type of hyper-focus. Learn how Scrum teams can harness it.

At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train – S.L. Parker

What Is the Importance of That Extra Degree—From 211° to 212°? How Are the Top Players in Extreme Sports Able to Push Their Boundaries?

The answer is simple, they are better at entering the “flow” state, i.e., “the zone” in which we attain optimal performance and feel the best.

Have you ever been in “the zone” where everything around you seemed to fade away? Did you notice that, during that time, you were performing at your peak? If so, you’re not alone. This experience, called “Flow,” is a mental state that allows us to perform at our absolute best. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains in his book “In a flow state, we lose our self-consciousness, selfishness, and sense of time. Using goal-setting and immediate feedback, we can achieve a state of “flow” that improves our relationship with work, increases our self-worth, and gives our lives meaning.”

Is it possible for a Scrum team to reach a flow state or get into “the zone”?

Yes. In this article, we will explore how a Scrum Master can help Scrum Teams to enter into “the zone.”

But, why should you bother about getting the team into “the zone”?

People and teams who are in a flow state often experience ego loss – the sense that they aren’t individuals and they are one, they experience “the power of Ba” (Ba is a Zen-like energy of a self-organizing team. It is an idea from the ancient Eastern world, and its characteristics are reflected in Buddhism and Japanese philosophy). When extreme sports players experience the flow state, they often report that they become their sport” and share the feeling of being “one with the waves” after experiencing Flow.

When we enter the flow state, our brains release the following five critical chemicals that both make us feel good and actually grow our performance.

  1. The first is Dopamine “the feel good hormone,” which helps us to sharpen our focus and find innovative solutions to obstacles. Dopamine also helps in engagement, enthusiasm, and will-power for exploration.
  2. Second is Norepinephrine, that helps us to sustain focus and boosts our skills. Norepinephrine enhances blood sugar, thus giving us more energy in our bodies. It increases emotional control, arousal, and attention. In essence, it helps focus on the present.
  3. The third healthy dose is of anandamide, that boosts our creativity. Anandamide improves lateral thought, i.e., our brains’ ability to develop new connections. Moreover, it helps us outgrow fear, thus making us more prone to validate our experiments.
  4. Fourth is endorphins, that masks pain. This is particularly helpful for extreme athletes, who push their bodies to the absolute limits. Small bursts of endorphins are also produced with laughter and joyous moments. Go to the full article.

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