Future-Proof Your Personal Name SEO for Personal Branding & Job Search

By Denny McCorkle

Personal name SEO requires a personal name claim along with a complete and consistent use of your resume name, both on and off the web.

“Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things.” ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

And, so should you always use the proper resume name for personal name SEO (search engine optimization).

As the first step in developing a strategy for personal name SEO, I wrote about how to complete a personal name SEO audit to determine the best resume name to use for personal branding and job search.

The second step is to register your personal name across the web for added consistency and to strengthen a resume name search and to dominate the search engine result pages.

This called a personal name claim.

“A personal name claim is the process of registering and consistent use of your chosen resume name across the social web. This also includes personal name search trigger points, such as your email signature and business cards.”

How Do You Future-Proof with a Personal Name Claim?

  1. Use Your Chosen Resume Name on All Current and Active Social Profiles.

Your social media profiles are the most supporting of your personal brand. Your social activity can cause these profile links to rise to the top of your personal name search. Thus, it is extremely important for high consistency with the use of your personal name across all social platforms.

This is even more important on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides the most extended social profile to sell you, and your experiences and qualifications. Thus, make sure your LinkedIn display name and your public profile vanity link are a match. For example, linkedin.com/in/dennymccorkle (customized to eliminate the originally assigned link that included random letters and numbers).

A consistent personal name on Twitter is also important because your tweets can show up in the personal name search engine result pages. And, the same personal name front-facing your Google+ profile ensures that Google knows and remembers you from similar others.

When it comes to some Social IDs, you may need to be a bit more creative and add descriptors to your name (if space allows), such as TheJohnWSmith, JohnWSmithMgr, or JohnWSmithTX. Regardless of Social ID name, you should always register the display name that matches your current or revised resume name.

Advanced Tip: If your personal name, profile photo, and/or social email address is attached to content that is questionable or not professionally supportive of your personal brand, then for the social accounts that you do control: (1) take it off the public grid by upping the privacy settings, (2) change the profile, photo, and display name to something unrelated to your personal name and photo, or (3) mute or delete the account.

For the web accounts that you do not control: (1) contact the owner of the web or social site and politely ask that the content in question be removed, and/or (2) follow these personal name optimization suggestions so the consistency of profiles and social activities can push your professional accounts Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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