From Mobile App to ROI: Tips and Best Practices

By Aashish Sharma

We all have a great showcase of mobile apps on our smartphones. There is a wide range of applications such as banking, sports, courier, home delivery or other application. Indeed, a smartphone user has an average of 28 applications but uses only about 5.

Some Tips to Get Out Of It

There are a lot of applications ready to be downloaded on our smartphones. Why do some come in the top rankings? How to stand out in this very competitive field? The answers vary according to different elements such as the objective of the mobile application or the sector of activity.

What Can I Do To Be A “Used App” On A Smartphone?

Convincing smartphone users to download an application is the first challenge. It is followed by another: encourage the use of this application and avoid abandonment. It is important to recruit users efficiently because it’s hard to retain them. There are many reasons for abandoning a Mobile App, and the user may think that the ergonomics of the application is not adapted to him, that the content is not updated or optimized, that there is too much aggressive advertising.

To avoid uninstalling a mobile application, it is important to communicate with another user and send email notifications to push. Interact with the user and add value that should not be overlooked by the user. Our two speakers agreed on an effective tactic to remove fatigue: the establishment of a “gamification”.

Selling In an Application, a New Challenge?

We have often explained the different types of mobile apps by lingering on the freemium model which is interesting. Some applications are not chargeable at the time of download but can become so at certain strategic moments of our use. You have to know how to push the sale at the right time. Yes, this is difficult, but some brands are doing very well. The latter applies the e-commerce codes; After all, we get a little closer. To make the sale, on a mobile application, it is necessary to make this simple and fast. I will not explain the typical example of “one click” Amazon.

Some Good Practices for Developing Your Mobile App

First, you have to put yourself in the user’s place to better understand how to meet your expectations and even exceed them. We, therefore, speak the user experience (UX). You also need to know how to attract and inspire the user. To do this, all means are good: Social networks, emailing, video etc. The user must feel confident belonging to a community, that of this mobile application. Finally, once the download is done, and the committee developed, we must retain our customers so that it continues to use our mobile application. It is, therefore, necessary to listen to it, analyze its feedback and adapt to its needs.

What ROI to Expect With a Mobile App?

It is a legitimate concern, to know what will be the return on his investment. Developing a mobile app for your business can enable you to acquire customers or improve your efficiency and that Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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