Finding Lost Revenue with Cart Abandonment Emails

By Scott Cohen

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Abandoned carts—somehow no matter how well you have set up your online store, they are simply unavoidable. How unavoidable? Nearly 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

This begs the question: Why?

Though high shipping costs top the list of reasons why (at 44%), there are possible reasons galore shoppers abandon carts:

  • They get a better deal elsewhere
  • They simply “forgot” to check out
  • They actually weren’t ready to make the purchase
  • They had to put the item in the cart to see the sale price (a practice by e-commerce folks that I personally abhor)
  • Your site crashed or your payment gateway faltered
  • Simply put, they pressed the wrong button

Whatever the reason may be, marketers need to address these “lost” customers and the lost revenue. A great place to start is email.

Cart abandonment emails are an amazing recovery tactic. In fact, cart abandonment emails are opened at a 44% clip by abandoners and can recover up to 30% of this lost revenue. Here’s an example of what a cart abandonment email looks like:

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In this customer service-oriented approach to a cart abandonment email, Ugmonk sends the prospects a cart abandonment email to show that they really care and want to know more about why the shopper might have left those items there.

You can also have a bit of fun with these emails, like the example below from Bonobos:


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What Makes an Effective Cart Abandonment Email(s)?

The goal of cart abandonment emails is to help customers through any kind of obstacle they might encounter and nudge them to buy. With that said, there are some important things winning cart abandonment emails MUST have:

1. The Right Timing

One email sent within an hour of abandonment can be great timing. In fact, this speed to inbox can lead a nearly 4.5% conversion rate. Why within an hour? Because the shopper is more likely to still be on the site and the experience is still fresh in the mind.

I like to recommend a 3-email cart abandonment series. The first email sent quickly is an absolute must, but adding two more to the series can be beneficial. Here’s how the timing looks:

Second Email – Send this email 24 hours either after the first email is sent or after the abandonment. Bringing their carts back to the shoppers’ attention exactly a day after they were in the process previously can work wonders.

Third Email – this final email should be sent anywhere between 1-5 days later, depending on what your testing finds works best. Whatever your timing turns out to be, I recommend making sure it is sent within a week.

A nice example of a second or third cart abandonment email can be found here with this email sent by Dollar Shave Club 4 days after cart abandonment. Great copy that clearly states the benefits of being part of the subscription service:


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2. Seal It with a Killer Subject Line

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