Film Review: Baywatch (2017)

By Jordan Samuel

Film Review: Baywatch (2017)

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Mitch Buchannon, the gung-ho leader of the elite Baywatch lifeguard squad, clashes with recruit Matt Brody, a washed-up pro athlete brought in as the new face of the organization. However, when a dead body is recovered from the ocean, the two must put aside their personal differences and work with their team to stop a criminal mastermind’s drug trafficking operation

Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) is a relativity unknown director, who has been making comedies for years, with run-of-the-mill results.

Gordon’s recent work Identity Thief (2013) completely flopped critically – failing to create laughs with a great cast being sidelined for dated gimmicks. Paramount announced last year Seth Gordon would direct a Baywatch (1980) movie adaptation starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Casting got me excited for the movie, due to the charisma Dwayne Johnson (Fate of the Furious) brings into roles – and the crime aspect added into the mix.

21 Jump Street comparisons are all around, as the films are based on canceled TV programs – with comedy elements being added instead of the tired formulaic shows. Baywatch has many big-name actors in swimming suits, but does it float ashore?

Baywatch (2017) is the best comedy of the year – which might not be saying much, as it brings plenty laughs and with a varied cast.

Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) brings out the best in these actors – introducing lovely characters who could hold a potential franchise. The story elements, while not being fresh, feels like a respectable take on the dated TV series; it may not reinvent comedies, but it gives it a needed facelift. Baywatch (2017) relies on smart and snappy comedy with banter dropping from each line – being focused on character interaction than mindless physically jokes.

Plot beats here revolve around the Miami lifeguard crew getting involved in a beach-side murder mystery, as Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson) and Zac Efron, unite the crew in trying to solve the strange situation.

It all sounds generic, but it works in the movie’s contexts as these beautiful and handsome crew members try to solve something for a change, after being shunned by the police services. Baywatch (1980) made David Hasselhoff into a household name (along with Pamela Anderson); becoming a driving force in the series that focused on women and men in tight bathing suits. 2017 brings us superstar Dwayne Johnson in Hasselhoff’s old role.

Dwayne Johnson (Fate of the Furious) plays Mitch Buchanan, a Baywatch captain who is introduced to us by saving a swimmer at the shore, but his luck is cut short when a body ends up on the beach-side. Johnson brings us his magnetic personality in boatloads, as the comedic backbone of the actor is tested. The banter comes across genuine on screen.

Buchanon is a stereotypical tough guy, but his heart and love for the job makes him a treat to see. Dwayne Johnson gives a modern take with twists thrown in. I could see the franchise building around new adventures with the bold Go to the full article.

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