Featured Speaker: Sherron Washington of The P3 Solution

By Erika Tabke

By Erika Tabke
Pubcon Wrangler of Special Projects

We are excited to have Sherron Washington presenting at Pubcon Las Vegas 2017! Sherron is a specialist in social media strategies and is the founder and CEO of the P3 Solution. The P3 Solution is a full service marketing and communications (marcomm) firm located in Silver Spring, MD, that specializes in providing simple strategy, design and social media marketing solutions for small businesses, non-profit organizations, associations and entrepreneurs. She has built her firm around the principle of “marketing simple,” which instruct clients to embrace simplified methods to promoting their business.

We caught up with Sherron recently to find out more about what she’s up to, and what she’ll be bringing to our Pubcon attendees this fall.

Q: What is your role at The P3 Solution, and how did you get there?

I am the CEO and Founder of The P3 Solution. I have been in business 11 and a half years. I have worked in marketing much of my career over 20 years and I enjoyed many aspects of it from sales to graphic design. Even as an employee I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and many of my jobs constrained my creativity, so I decided to give it a try.

Q: How do you describe to people what it is you do for a living?

I help businesses with simplifying their marketing. My company offers full service marketing and communications that include strategy, branding, graphic design and social media marketing and management. We make sure the strategy is simplified so that executing their marketing efforts whether it is email print or social media is easy and productive.

Q: I’m guessing it’s complicated to help them simplify, if you’ll pardon the wordplay.

Yes it can get complicated to help people simplify and condense because the mindset that less is more. Businesses want to automatically gravitate to pulling in everything more, so they are more amped to place everything on the table. We teach them how to make plenty with less.

Q: What part of the job do you love most of all?

Engaging and connecting with people.

Q: Does that mean you’re an extrovert? Can you tell me a story/anecdote that illustrates a particularly memorable time you connected with a client?

I am an EXTREME extrovert, I will talk with anyone and everyone. To me everyone has value. I can’t provide one particular story that talks about a memorable time that I have connected with a client. Because ironically, I really connect with them all.

I keep in contact almost on a weekly basis with up to 50-100 of my present past and potential clients. Whether it is a short hello on FB or a like comment, inbox conversation on phone conversation, I manage to engage them often, even remember details of their personal and professional projects. I guess its just my gift.

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