Featured Speaker: Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey

By Erika Tabke

By Erika Tabke
Pubcon Wrangler of Special Projects

We are lucky to have Eli Schwartz as one of our speakers at Pubcon Las Vegas 2017. Eli is the Director of Organic Product at SurveyMonkey, with SEO experience in the U.S. and abroad.

I interviewed Eli via email and our conversation was a lot of fun. I now have many new reasons to walk up and introduce myself in person next month in Las Vegas (just take a peek at the second photo in this interview and tell me you don’t want to ask Eli a few questions, too). Now you’ve got a chance to get to know him before Pubcon, too.

What is your role at SurveyMonkey?

I am the Director of Organic Product at SurveyMonkey. In my role, I am responsible for the growth of organic traffic to all of our properties and products. As the architect of our SEO strategies, I need to have a deep partnership with the product, design and engineering teams to ensure everything works together to achieve the best organic results. In addition to SEO, I also lead the efforts in ensuring that traffic to our surveys ultimately leads to wider adoption and engagement by people that are not yet our users.

How did you evolve into this job? If memory serves, you were doing marketing-type work at SurveyMonkey prior to this new role. What has been your career trajectory to get to this point?

I have been at SurveyMonkey for 5 years and during that time I have worn many hats. My first role was in leading SEO efforts and I was the first full-time person in that role at that time. I helped engineers re-architect the logged out portions of our website in a manner that aligned with SEO best practices, directed the content teams in the type of content offering we needed, and partnered with localization teams to multiply our SEO efforts into 16 languages.

Standing next to the mascot of Indonesia’s largest Internet property, Kaskus, in Jakarta, Indonesia

My SEO work at SurveyMonkey had given me broad exposure and experience into SEM, CRO, ASO and international marketing. In an effort to deepen my international marketing skills and enhance my broader marketing experience, I moved to Singapore for nearly two years to lead the company’s APAC marketing efforts. It was a constant learning experience of applying cultural lessons to marketing campaigns which taught me how much listening to customer voices and getting the user perspective matters in marketing and especially digital marketing.

I have recently returned to my marketing roots of sorts by once again leading SurveyMonkey’s SEO efforts but this time in a much larger and more complex organization. We’ve just recently launched our new brand and People Powered Data platform with a suite of global, targeted B2B products that deliver customer, employee, and market powered data. We’ve also reimagined the survey-taking experience to make surveys feel more like conversations which we are powering Go to the full article.

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