Featured Speaker: Amanda Alampi of Amnesty International

By Brett Tabke

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by Brett Tabke
Founder and CEO Pubcon

Pubcon Las Vegas is honored to welcome Amanda Alampi as a Pubcon presenter. Amanda is the Social Media Manager of Amnesty International USA. Her unique position offered an incredible opportunity to ask her some questions about her skill set and what it is like to work for a nonprofit organization known around the world.

Q: What is your day to day responsibility at job at Amnesty International?

Every day is different when working for the largest global grassroots human rights organization. My role is to oversee social media for the U.S. market and Amnesty’s base in the United States. I work along a digital producer to concept, create and execute social media campaigns for the U.S. so a lot of my work is thinking about how to tell stories with an American lens.

There’s a version of my job in other country offices along with our regional and global headquarters so I have a lot of brilliant colleagues to brainstorm and collaborate with. That’s actually some of the most exciting work. I remember seeing, for the first time last year, some of our social media graphics that we created in the U.S. office translated in several languages on other Amnesty channels. It is truly global, collaborative social media work.

Our AIUSA social media footprint is over 4.4 million fans so daily community management is a big undertaking especially with breaking news and promoting our campaigns, urgent cases and research reports. I also get to dream up partnerships to help us reach new audiences like our work with Teen Vogue and Tumblr. My favorite part of my job is training up our staff and membership on how to use social media as part of their advocacy.

Q: Is there a subset of social media that is your primary focus?

My professional portfolio focuses on social media for social good and so I specialize in how can we use social media and digital tools to advance cause work, whether that advocacy, activism, education, etc. There’s a lot of great work happening online in the cause space. It’s very competitive because we are all working to activate the same people to advocate and take action on a variety of important issues like human rights, humanitarian aid, social justice or climate change.

Also it is an exciting time to have this specialty because social media has really democratized marketing and communications. Now, for relatively cheap, I can design engaging social media campaigns that are impactful. For example, tools like Facebook advertising have made it very cost efficient to be regularly be reaching exactly the right audiences who need to see Amnesty International’s research and campaigns.

Q: How did you end up working in social media?

I actually started working in social media by chance back in 2009. I needed a job that summer and met the Go to the full article.

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