Fashion Designer Debuts ‘Thong Jeans’ And the Internet Has Questions

By Erica Abbott

Fashion has officially gone too far. “Thong jeans” recently made their debut at a fashion festival in Japan and the internet has a lot of opinions about the latest eccentric denim trend of 2017.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, new designer Thibaut sent a model down the runway wearing the unconventional jeans at this week’s Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. Paired with a nude bodysuit and sneakers, the fashion statement no doubt turned heads at the event. The pants—if you can call them that—contain nothing but the seams and a waistband. The extremely-distressed jeans essentially bare a person’s entire lower half to the world—if they’re bold enough to wear the revealing clothing item.

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Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo showed off the designs of approximately 50 brands for the upcoming season. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Japanese designer Meiko Ban’s background in choreography and dancing were present in the debut collection. “She put a gender-bending spin on her women’s collection, dressing men as well in ruffles, frills and tights. Turned out almost entirely in neutral hues, there was everything from demure eyelet dresses and rib knit leotards to bras and jeans that were so deconstructed only the seams were left, and even a top fashioned from a plastic shopping bag.” Among the outrageous outfits were lacy capes, comfy jackets and other kinds of “barely-there” pants.

“Thong jeans” aren’t the first seemingly odd denim trend to go viral on social media this year. Earlier this year, Topshop’s “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” and clear plastic jeans left social media with a lot of questions. Then, Nordstrom debuted their fake mud-covered jeans, which caused even more confusion across the internet. Those are just some of the many weird fashion trends that have taken over social media this year.

This Japanese designer wants you to wear thong jeans

— Yahoo Style UK (@YahooStyleUK) October 19, 2017

See how social media reacted to the “thong jeans” below:

Social Media Reacts to Bizarre “Thong Jeans” Fashion Statement

My friends: “It’s going to be chill, just wear something super casual.”
Me: *shows up in my thong jeans*

— Lauren Alexis Fisher (@LaurenAlexis) October 18, 2017

*shops around for a casual pair of Jeans* in woman’s department: “ma’am may I recommend these”

— Lyssa Camille (@AlyssaCamilleB) October 19, 2017

That.. is the most impractical and ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.. would never wear it

— ~☆s.a.n.d.y★~ (@sakura405) October 19, 2017

And I thought holes where your shoulders should be was bad enough

— Hannah Corby (@HannahCCorby) October 19, 2017

Probably showing my age now but those jeans aren’t terribly sensible. 😉#FashionPolice

— Style Is Art (@StyleIsArt2) October 19, 2017

Someone please tell me what the point is???

— Prox (@proxcee) Go to the full article.

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