Facebook Launches Two New Ad Tools for Holiday Campaigns

By Laura Donovan

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Facebook announced this week that they are launching two new tools to help brands use the best creative design and placement for ads.

In order to help streamline your ads and optimize the ad spend, Facebook launched Dynamic Creative and Asset Customization tools.

Per their Facebook Business blog, Facebook states that “these tools will help you streamline your holiday campaign and optimize your ad spend.”

Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative will allow businesses to experiment with a variety of ad options in order to find the one that will work best this holiday season. Businesses advertising can determine the creative assets that perform the best for their specific audience. This tool automatically delivers a series of ad variations. Variations are based on images, videos, and the text included in the ads.

Per their blog, dynamic creative accepts the basic components of a Facebook ad (image, video, title, description, etc.) and automatically creates a series of ad variants based on these components. These ads are then served across placements to explore the performance of each creative element within the given audience.

The dynamic creative tools allow up to 10 images or videos and 5 different bodies of text (title, description, body text, and call-to-action.)

Per Facebook Business, according to Facebook Marketing Partner ROIHunter, a client who participated in the dynamic creative beta, saw improvement in website conversions and mobile app installs.

Asset Customization

Ads need to be placed correctly in order to be effective. This holiday season Facebook will allow businesses to customize the creative for each ad placement. Asset customization provides the ability to choose different images and videos to appear in specific designated settings, “connecting seamlessly with your audience.”

This tool will allow businesses to maximize a return on their ad budgets by delivering the most effective ad set to each environment.

“We’re always looking for ways to make advertising on our platforms more efficient for marketers and meaningful for people. As we keep improving our ad tools, we’ll continue to provide greater flexibility and control for advertisers.” (Facebook)

To see more about these tools, visit the Facebook Ads Guide.

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