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We do way too much heavy lifting in our lives when it comes to our schedules.

Running around here… moving a meeting to there…

Trying to please everyone.

But you know what makes things FAR easier?

The little devices we use to run our lives more efficiently…

…To reap more enjoyment from eve ry moment of life, because the hard “heavy lifting” tasks are automated.

A Quick Example…

According to asecurelife.com, there were 2.4 million wireless light-bulbs and lamps in 2013, and that number is expected to grow to over 100 million by 2020.

In 2013, 23 million cars were connected to the internet, and that number is expected to grow to 152 million by 2020.

And we’re just getting started…

And we’re just getting started…https://toprated.krtra.com/t/9eK8mIG2jRYf

For example..there are millions of people who DEVOUR coffee in the am (ok all day long).

But, do they cook the coffee on the STOVE?

Do they go out and harvest their own beans?

No… these smart folks grind their beans with a machine… never having to farm their own beans because someone has done that already…

… press a button and it automatically brews the coffee for them.

They even have little pods now if you are too busy to, you know, actually SCOOP the beans into the coffee maker.

This is something I totally take for granted, but if it wasn’t available I would definitely notice it. And so would everyone in my family LOL 🙂

So, let’s backtrack to automating daily tasks to improve your life and business.

  1. We use machines to power and switch on/off our house lights…
  2. Our security cameras,
  3. Our coffee makers,
  4. Even our cars!
  5. Do you hand deliver a letter? No. We scan, we email, we schedule a pickup online… We don’t walk 50 miles to deliver a note or even sensitive documents.

Not anymore. Instead, we use the automation features at our fingertips.

Take something as simple as our garage doors. Do you get out of your car and physically hoist the garage open with raw, brute strength? NO, not anymore!

Your garage door opener does it FOR you.

Same is true with getting new customers on autopilot.

Here’s the truth… you really can succeed with automation if you do it right.

Here’s the truth… you really can succeed with automation if you do it right.https://toprated.krtra.com/t/9eK8mIG2jRYf

And you can automate your customer or client getting, as well.

GET the Customer… 24/7…365

The examples I’ve given you are everyday things that I automate. But the MAIN thing I automate is my customer-getting process…

And the GREATEST tool to get new buyers quickly is automated webinars… https://toprated.krtra.com/t/9eK8mIG2jRYf

Check this out…Imagine that you record your webinar, the best version of it… then you automate the presentation every hour of every day. Or, just once a week if you want.

Then, you push that presentation out to your email list, to cold traffic, and you sit back and watch new leads and sales come in, https://toprated.krtra.com/t/9eK8mIG2jRYf without having to be there in person.

It’s magical. You’re probably going to be thinking “Why didn’t I take action on this automation earlier?”

The point is, the presentation does the work for you, even when you aren’t there live.

And your automated webinar can…

… Boost the amount of people who know, like and TRUST you…

… Cause new leads to become buyers after they have been indoctrinated to what you do, how you do it and how they can benefit from it…

… Allow audiences to see, hear and emotionally bond with you… and it’s infinitely scalable, as well.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, take a look at EverWebinar. It has all the benefits you just read about, and much more. https://toprated.krtra.com/t/9eK8mIG2jRYf

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