Essential Considerations When Choosing Between Marketing Freelancers or Contractors

By Alice Oh

When it comes to executing your marketing needs, you only want the best and most talented professionals to take on the responsibilities. But not all opportunities and projects call for a full-time hire to your team.

There are plenty of non-employee contingent work solutions – from independent contractors to freelancers to agency partners, to choose from to complete your marketing campaigns and projects. With all of the available flexible marketing workforces to choose from, you may find it difficult to determine which is the best solution for your business.

Some of the most common interim marketing workforce options across businesses of all sizes are freelancers and contractors. They share many similarities but each has its own distinguishing factors that are important to weigh and consider. Various elements like your specific business structure and the work you need done can be the deciding factor in which option is the best for you.

Before you contact a marketing staffing agency or make a final decision, you should consider some key factors…

The Key Difference Between Marketing Contractors and Freelancers

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It’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the major difference between marketing contractors and freelancers before you decide which is the best fit for your company at any given time.

Marketing freelancers are generally independent professionals who provide services on a per-project basis. They may bill you on an hourly basis or negotiate a set payment option upon the completion of the project. They work independently and have the responsibility of holding themselves accountable during the course of the project. When your company works directly with freelancers it bears the burden of seeking them out, evaluating their qualifications, and arranging a deal.

Marketing contractors on the other hand are found through a third-party partner such as a staffing agency. After explaining all your needs and requirements, the agency then takes on the duty of finding the right marketing talent for your organization. The marketing talent both parties agree on then becomes an employee of your staffing agency and starts to work alongside your team. After you pay your staffing partner an agreed upon amount of hourly work, the agency handles all matters regarding compensation and employment with the marketing contractor.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Coming to a Decision

Depending on your business, each option has its advantages that can help you determine which solution provides the most value. Make sure to ask yourself these questions before making a final decision:

How long do you need help?

Do you need help with a project that just needs a few hours or days of work or are you facing a long-term project that requires a time frame of months or longer?

Employing freelance work can be a good solution for your short-term or one-off challenges such as updating web images, getting copy for some PPC ads, or creating a few new e-commerce landing pages.

Using contract marketing staffing to find partner with a contractor is usually a better solution for more complex projects with larger scopes. Go to the full article.

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