Essential Aspects to Consider for Coworking Spaces [Infographic]

By Alan Rita

Coworking, which in short is the usage of large building areas to provide room to a large number of businesses, regardless of their niche, has become the trend to follow during the last couple of years. We may ask ourselves why is this happening instead of companies acquiring their own office area or settling down at unused home space. Well, the answer to this question can be analysed from two points of view:

1) The rates to pay for acquiring an individual office: For most top cities worldwide, but with a particular emphasis in places like London, New York or Berlin, the rental fees to pay for an office have risen to the point of becoming a crucial budget factor for most emerging companies. Instead, shared office space allows rising companies to share the rental bills to pay, increasing the budget for locating your headquarters at trendy neighbourhoods with superb infrastructure connections to other points of interest in the city.

2) The “climate” generated at coworking spaces: One may say that 9-to-5 office work is undoubtedly outdated, but what happens if we add to that classic formula the possibility of sharing the same building with someone who works in an industry entirely different as yours? For your workers, that might be a good motivational factor as they aren’t just doing their job but also learning from others – but in case everything else fails, they can also be inspired by other companies’ drive to meet their goals.

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Despite how promising this can look when talked lightly, having an efficient coworking space is a challenge to consider, as lack of productivity is the #1 enemy of shared office spaces. Is there something we can do to improve our chances of success in this adventure? Stay tuned to the following tips for maximizing productivity in coworking spaces.

1.- Become familiarized with your company’s needs regarding office space

This first point may seem a little too vague, however, is the first step towards success. How can we be certain of what we need if we don’t even think for a second the essential aspects involved in not just having the perfect climate to work, but also on providing a motivational space for your workers.

Set a meeting with your team members at the moment, you decide to consider co-working as your answer to office space demands. Then, list down all the aspects that make a perfect work climate – examples of these factors can be: natural lighting, soundproof protection to avoid disturbances from outside (and especially from other offices), proximity to public offices, accessibility, and so on. Then, put particular emphasis on what your workers decide to have to enjoy their spare time – perhaps a large area with gaming consoles and comfortable places to eat might be a good idea if you give 1 hour to rest to your employees or even a place to nap if they feel the need to do so. What about a nursery area for Go to the full article.

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