Episode 201: The Hunger Project — Kyle Camberg

By Amy Rosenberg

The Hunger Project, Kyle Camberg

“Hunger Isn’t Seasonal,” Kyle Camberg, Sunshine Division.

Kyle Camberg, Executive Director of the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Divison

I was so happy to have gotten the chance to interview my friend Kyle Camberg, Executive Director for the Sunshine Division, as I launched my first foray into the growing issue of feeding Portland’s needy on StreetTalk’s new series; The Hunger Project. I have worked Kyle in many capacities and can say that he’s the PR person’s dream when it comes to creating joint marketing campaigns between nonprofits and corporations. Veracity is lucky to have clients that want to get involved with the community in meaningful ways. Sure, writing checks is important, but it’s the physical act of doing something that is the PR person’s gold because this is what garners more “ink.” This mindset comes naturally to Kyle as we work together to create community relations campaigns that help others, while showing Veracity’s clients in a positive light and, most importantly, educating the masses.

Education is exactly what we are attempting to do with this second StreetTalk series we are calling The Hunger Project. Did you know that a staggering 75% of students qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch in east Portland districts? Portland itself hovers around 46%, “which isn’t great but it’s considerably better,” Kyle says in the latest episode of StreetTalk.

Portland Sunshine Division Meeting the Growing Needs of Portland

About the Sunshine Division

We begin by delving into the Sunshine Division’s unique history, which was started by a few Portland police officers in 1923 in response to the area’s growing need for food. The officers smartly kept their idea separate from any governmental entity because “they didn’t want a politician coming in to mess things up,” Kyle recalls a retired police officer saying.

The Sunshine Division is its own nonprofit organization which strategically partners with the Portland Police Bureau to keep police precincts armed with food boxes so that officers can easily deliver them to needy individuals whenever the need arises. A food and clothing bank that is open to qualifying individuals six-days-a-week allows the group to participate in school backpack and outreach programs; while also providing resources to neighboring charities in and around Portland. While the Sunshine Division utilizes in-kind donations from the police department, such as delivery trucks and a major volunteer pool in the police officers themselves, it does not benefit from any federal grant money; relying on generous benefactors instead.

Hunger is a Moving Target

With Portland’s skyline morphing through the buzz of construction, tourists flock to the City of Roses while more and more companies move international workforces to what used to be an underground, sleepy Pacific Northwest town. However, our city’s popularity is taking its toll on vulnerable populations. With rents rising in areas that used to be affordable, diverse populations are pushed out.

Portland Sunshine Division Meeting the Growing Needs of Portland

“As you head east of the river, the need just grows,” Go to the full article.

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