Eliminate Customers’ Fears When Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website

By Choncé Maddox

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Shopping online and paying for services right from your computer is very common these days. While some people don’t even think twice about paying with their debit or credit card online, others can be a little cautious especially if the website seems sketchy.

Just the other day, I was paying for a service on Fiverr and the PayPal screen looked questionable to me because it switched to a different language which made me hesitate with going through with my purchase.

Identity theft has become even more common. It’s become easier than ever to make purchases online.

As a small business owner, the last thing you want to do is make current and potential customers afraid of buying products and services once you start accepting credit cards on your website.

Gaining trust with your customers is essential to the success of your business and here are a few ways to eliminate fear and ensure your customer’s trust whenever accepting credit card payments on your business’ website.

Use Credible Trust and Security Badges

It’s a good idea to make sure your site is secure and use a popular and credible trust badge on your website to let users know that everything is secure including the payment process.

You want your customers to focus on their anticipation of receiving your wonderful product or service. We want to relieve their worry surrounding the idea of getting their credit card information stolen.

norton secured

Having a trust badge on your site has also been proven to boost conversions. Be sure you’re using a well-known and credible trust badge. Otherwise, there’s really no point in the display because your customer isn’t familiar with it. Note that with a particular trust badge, it may not really have an impact on your customers.

That being said, don’t just slap a well-known trust badge on your site without making sure you can offer that level of security for your customers. Saying you have some type of security that you really don’t have is just as bad (or worse) as doing nothing at all.

Switch to HTTPS When Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website

If you haven’t already, switch from HTTP to HTTPS. The ‘S’ stands for secure and can make a huge difference to customers who visit your website.

  • HTTPS uses a strong public-key cryptography which encrypts the connection between the customer’s web browser and your server. It’s nice because no one but the server and the customer know what information is being communicated.
  • An HTTPS requires an SSL (secure socket layers) certificate in order to verify both identities.
  • Using HTTPS is also known to provide SEO benefits, data integrity, and of course, trust.

You may have already noticed that most big-name websites use HTTPS. Look for this security when you’re making purchases on different websites. It’s very easy to set up on your end and you can get started with your web host.

Use a Proven and Reliable Payment System

The payment system you use is very Go to the full article.

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