Don’t Waste Time Writing Company Blogs Until You Do These 6 Things

By Kathy Heil

Company blogs are an essential part of modern day marketing and brand journalism. I think most organizations realize this by now, but what remains a perpetual challenge is knowing how your company can generate the most impact from content creation efforts. Have you heard the saying, “garbage in is garbage out”? Content for the sake of content is really just noise.

As an inbound marketing consultant, I spend a great deal of time meeting with teams who are seeking better ways to drive inbound marketing leads. We spend a considerable amount of time breaking down content strategy (or lack thereof), because good content is the foundation of successful lead generation results.

If we can help improve upon what and how they publish, not only will you see a difference in the number of leads your website is driving but the quality of leads. Here are some of the biggest blogging blunders I see:

  • Undefined audience of focus
  • Lack of understanding of keywords and SEO best practices
  • Inconsistency of publishing content
  • Salesy and uninteresting content
  • Missed opportunities to build ongoing relationships
  • Non-existent distribution plan

Let’s break down the impact each of these and the impact they have on driving results.

Know your Target Audience

We recently hosted a webinar on “How to Create Buyer Personas That You Will Actually Use” and it was surprising how many attendees were part of marketing teams either didn’t have buyer personas created or had them but admitted they just sat on a shelf and were never looked at. Understanding who your blog is being written for has to be the first step in creating your content plan.

Having well-defined buyer personas will not only give you the road map to your company conversations with your audience but also help you to prioritize how much content to create for each of your most important audiences.

If your company has out-dated personas that you haven’t updated in over a year, or if you are creating content today without having developed them, I encourage you to spend 45 minutes listening to this webinar where you will learn how to get your marketing and leadership teams aligned so you can build your content road map successfully.

Understand SEO Best Practices

This is a huge conversation with many ever-changing layers. If your primary reason for having a blog is to increase your organic traffic and create more awareness around your products or services, then you have to know how search engines are going to deem your content to be relevant. You don’t need to have the depth of Rand Fishkin, founder of SEO Moz (few people do), but you do need to understand SEO mechanics so that your content can be found by those you are hoping to attract. There are a lot of ways to educate yourself on SEO and keyword best practice. Don’t waste your time publishing one more blog post until you know that you have optimized it for search.

Create a Content Calendar

Like anything else in our lives, if we don’t live with intention and have Go to the full article.

Source:: Business 2 Community

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