Don’t Let a Marketing Tool Crash Your Social Care Strategy

By Bryan Brennan

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What makes top cloud-based services like Gmail so attractive for businesses today? Sure, everyone is obsessed with “the cloud”, but I’m talking about what makes it attractive to the actual people who use it?

I’d argue that the main reason is ease of use. It just works. You plug in a credit card, you’re operational instantly. No wait. And as you bushwhack your way to the coveted “inbox zero” each day, you hardly notice it, because it’s perfectly suited to your needs and it simply does exactly what you need it to. It’s purpose-designed. And I think there’s something to this “it just works” mentality that’s totally missing from social care.

I’ll explain.

A crash-course in truly caring

Social care evolved out of the marketing department. They were the first ones to latch onto social media and they developed tools for it long before customers learned that they could go there for customer support. Now it is the primary place that customers go, but the tools haven’t evolved with us. Customer support departments have pulled phone and email agents over to work social, but they aren’t using a purpose-made tool.

I’d equate this situation with asking them to make house-to-house deliveries with an airplane. They’re overshooting targets, clipping power lines, and dropping crates onto the wrong houses. What they need is a helicopter, and someone needs to buy it for them.

With the old marketing tools, care teams are stuck monitoring impressions, reach, demographics, highest performing posts, and tons of things that just don’t matter to them. With the totally wrong vehicle, how are they supposed to calculate their response times in business hours, resolution rates, average handling time, or sentiment conversion on an issue-by-issue basis? How can they effectively drive down operating costs inside their care organization if they can’t even compare channel performance?

And man, if your answer to all of the above is Excel, I don’t want to be anywhere nearby when you open that spreadsheet.

With marketing tools, care teams are stuck monitoring impressions, reach, posts, and tons of things that just don’t matter to them.

Plus, agents using marketing tools basically need multiple personalities to keep up with multiple simultaneous queues of social complaints. As I write this I’m looking at my own Tweet deck on a second screen as I type and I’m having trouble keeping up with just two Twitter handles (humble brag, nbd — kbd). How do you Mr./Ms. Big Enterprise expect your agents to keep up with four Twitter handles, eight Facebook pages, an Instagram feed, and a bunch of vloggers flooding your YouTube channel and still provide quality care?

Because you can’t have both. Not with the marketing tool at least …

Get to de’ choppa

With a unified inbox like Gmail, something that’s purpose-built for what you’re asking your agents to do, it’s a completely different story. I’m talking about a social care tool like Conversocial which summarizes all their social content into a single queue that just works. It’s great for me but even better for big brands who Go to the full article.

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