Donald Trump Supporter Getting Tattoo Of ‘Trump’ On His Forehead Is A Joke

By Shawn Rice


Sometimes people do dumb things but in this case it was a joke. A photograph of a man with getting the word “Trump” tattooed on his forehead is an old one. Despite what you may think did not get 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tattooed to his forehead. The image showing that happen was widely circulated on social media, with one of the most popular versions appearing on the “Occupy Democrats” Facebook page.

According to Snopes, the series of pictures from which it came have been circulating since they were created as an April Fool’s Day joke by Inked magazine:

“Here at we spend every waking second of our days looking at tattoos—good tattoos, bad tattoos, sexy tattoos, silly tattoos, scary tattoos and every other type of tattoo you can imagine. So take that into consideration when we tell you that when this tattoo came across our Instagram feed last night everyone stopped what they were doing immediately to take in the sheer magnitude of what we had just experienced—somebody had “Trump” tattooed on their forehead.

All we had seen was a selfie of a man sporting a fresh tattoo of The Donald’s surname standing outside of Trump Tower, but we knew that we had to find this man. And find him we did. His name is Kyle Campbell and he is originally from Peoria, Illinois, and he was more than happy to talk to us about the bold political statement he has chosen to make.”

So, while it would be amusing to see someone actually do it, rest assured that no one has yet to be that foolish to get either Trump or Hillary Clinton tattooed to their faces.

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Source:: Business2Community

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