Donald Trump Mocked over Bizarre ‘Covfefe’ Tweet, Inspires Urban Dictionary Definition

By Erica Abbott


President Donald Trump certainly has a way with tweets, especially those that are sent after midnight. The latest social media gaffe from the Trump administration involves a mysterious typo. The viral, since-deleted, tweet read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”—causing the internet to wonder just what exactly Trump meant to say.

Thankfully, Urban Dictionary came to the rescue of many confused social media users. “When you want to say ‘coverage’ but your hands are too small to hit all the letters on your keyboard,” the top definition on the slang-terms dictionary reads. Another definition claims its true meaning is “the foggy feeling you get when you can’t believe a political leader is so dumb.” His bizarre gaffe even left Merriam-Webster speechless, a rare occurrence given their usual Trump trolling.

Covfefe – Covfefe, Russian word that translates literally as ‘I quit’ or ‘I leave’… –

— Urban Dictionary (@urbandictionary) May 31, 2017

Many speculated that Trump meant to type “coverage.” Others quipped that it was simply an “alternative spelling” to the usual eight-letter word. He failed, however, to correct his mistake until hours later and, even then, only mocked his own error. “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ???,” Trump joked. “Enjoy!”

Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2017

See how social media reacted to Trump’s viral Twitter gaffe below:

Social Media Responds to Donald Trump’s Mysterious “Covfefe” Tweet

In other news, today the President fired his communications director. #DIY

— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) May 31, 2017

I hope he died mid tweet

— regina george (@araslanian_) May 31, 2017

Donald Trump, sitting in a tree, C-O-V-F-E-F-E#Covfefe

— Dr Nick (@NichSmith) May 31, 2017

“And just before you serve it, you hit it with a dash of

— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) May 31, 2017

I can’t believe it. The final secret ingredient has at last been revealed… A sprinkle of #Covfefe

— KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) May 31, 2017

Hey, @starbucks! When will the Unicorn #Covfefe be available?

— Tony Besson (@TonyBesson) May 31, 2017

When you realize an 8 year old In the Upside Down is better at spelling than the POTUS #Covfefe

— The Black Sheep (@TheBlackSheep99) May 31, 2017

Covfefe? Covfefe? I can’t! I just can’t! Don’t cell phones have spell check?Lord help us all, we’re in deep #covfefe!

— james m. iglehart (@jamesmiglehart) May 31, 2017

damn you negative press #covfefe

— Juta Cibre (@cibric) May 31, 2017

I fear that #covfefe is only distracting us from envionmentfefe, educationfefe, and the selling off of our democracyfefe

— Jeff Cannata (@jeffcannata) May 31, 2017

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