Donald Trump Giving A $612 Credit to Every ‘Deserving’ American Is Fake News

By Erica Abbott



As the old saying goes: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” When it comes to reports that President Donald Trump is giving every “working” American adult and child a $612 stimulus bonus, this saying could not be any more true. Claims that Trump is giving money to every working person in the U.S. are fake.

According to Snopes, the false report originated on The Last Line of Defense, a website known for posting political satire and fake news. The article purported that in order to distract the American people from the Trump administration’s ties with Russia, Trump announced that every “deserving” American would receive a stimulus bonus. It continued:

If you’re not a lazy bum on welfare or an illegal here to steal food stamps and free medicine, President Trump has some good news for you. You, your wife and your children will all be receiving a stimulus bonus of $612 each to spend however you see fit inside the United States.

The program, called “Tax Relief For Deserving Americans,” will give nothing to those who choose not to work, people in prison or illegal aliens. People on welfare in good standing with work programs or job training will receive an extra $25 in bonus food stamps instead. The White House Communication and Propaganda Office released a statement about the program and how it will impact the economy:

While deciding how to distract the American people from the nonsense being “reported” by the fake news media about world events and interior politics, President Trump was reminded of how much everyone enjoyed the money George W Bush handed out from the surplus left over from the Clinton administration. Mr. trump has decided people would rather focus on spending some money than the nonsense on the “news,” and has therefore authorized the release of $612 each for every legal American from a working family.

Aside from the extremely questionable details of the article and the fact that the website makes it clear in their disclaimer that “all articles should be considered satirical,” the top of the story also has a “Why are you so stupid?” tag—a fairly good indicator that the information should not be taken seriously.


Other fake news articles that the Last Line of Defense has shared include former President Barack Obama making offensive “hot mic” comments, Malia and Sasha Obama getting arrested in Hawaii and Obama being charged for presidential vacation scam by Trump.

Social Media Shares Fake Article about $612 Stimulus Bonus from Trump

This would be nice…not sure IF it’s true for sure

— Gregg Huestis (@GreggHuestis67) February 15, 2017

Damn!!! BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Every WORKING, LEGAL Man Woman And Child In The USA $612 EACH!

— deltarag (@deltarag14) February 14, 2017

#News #USA #World BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Every WORKING, LEGAL Man Woman And Child In The USA $612 EACH!

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