Doctors in Zimbabwe Discovering Live Cockroach in Patient’s Chest X-Ray Is Fake Image

By Erica Abbott

An image purportedly showing a live cockroach in a patient’s chest X-ray that was discovered by doctors in Zimbabwe is a digitally-manipulated fake. A cockroach was not found in a patient’s chest X-ray, however, the original X-ray belongs to one well-known celebrity.

According to Snopes, the fake image was shared by the “Let’s enjoy Zimbabwe” Facebook page. The photo caption claimed that the cockroach was discovered at the Rusape General Hospital after a patient came in with chest pains. When checked at another hospital, however, it was discovered that the cockroach was actually in the X-ray machine itself, not in the patient’s chest. The caption reads:

A patient in Zimbabwe had serious chest pains,after taking x-ray at Rusape General hospital the image showed that he had a live cockroach in his chest moving about. Doctors recommended that he goes abroad preferably India.So patient had to sale his house and a few contributions from relatives. When he got to India another x-ray was taken and was told there was no cockroach in his chest but the cockroach was in the x-ray machine they used in Zimbabwe.

The image and story, however, are nothing more than a joke. Similar pranks have been shared for several years, but there are no real photos showing a cockroach in somebody’s chest.

The actual X-ray shows Marilyn Monroe’s chest. According to The Telegraph, the X-ray was taken in 1954 when she was admitted to the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for surgery for endometriosis. It later went on to sell for $45,000 at a Las Vegas auction. Other items that were sold at the auction included a chair from a Monroe photo shoot, Kate Winslet’s “Titanic” earrings and a dress worn by Audrey Hepburn.

Have you seen the fake cockroach X-ray image circulating social media? Do you know anyone who fell for the prank? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Source:: Business2Community

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